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Move slow, die young: Sixsense drops soul-moving street story classic ‘Shylock’

Sixsense is back with his 3rd single called ‘Shylock‘ and this is a deeply crafted track that will have you feeling suddenly reflective. You feel this real life song stop you in your tracks with its real flow, that speaks of true stories of growing up in a cold world.

Sixsense is a North London-based emcee who raps with that old school flow consciousness and speaks about his experiences, as his opens up the curtains- to show how life is currently in this covid-stricken world.

When he spits, you listen. Influenced by true storytellers like Nas, J. Cole and Loyle Carner, you feel that he is a young man who puts everything he has, into every line penned from his profoundly brilliant brain.

Shylock‘ from North London fast-emerging Hip-Hop artist Sixsense, is that soul-moving track you put on when you feel you have been around too much fakeness, for one day and need to wake up to the realness again. With stories about life in the tough streets, dealing with former friends that have let him down, the pursuit of love and finding his path in this detour-filled world, this is a powerful track that will have you thinking deeply about life.

With a heartfelt song that shows immense potential, you hope that he walks down the right road to fulfilling all his deepest dreams and desires. This is that A-grade music that actually matters and inspires the lost souls.

Get your mind interlocked to quality rhymes of substance via the excellent video (visuals by Kaylo) on YouTube, Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen