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Interview: Dan Slyker shows us what feel-good new country music sounds like

We sat down with Dan Slyker recently and had a hugely entertaining interview to read a few times. He shows us through country life, inspired by his childhood and rock aspirations, to lead us into a worthwhile read which might get many loving the 808s and Fishin Lakes vibes.

Firstly, welcome to A&R Factory as we appreciate you sitting down with us for a chat. First, what kind of music are you personally into?

Thank you for taking the time. I loved country as a kid. Country Bear Jamboree at Disney World is my first musical memory along with a TV show called Hee Haw. I listened to Kenny Rogers, Eddie Rabbit, Charlie Daniels and The Oak Ridge Boys until I found my parents’ Beatles records… Then I became a rock kid but I always kept a country torch burning. Every style has good and bad songs. I don’t care what genre it’s under, I just love a well-written song. If you want a more committal answer, I think 70s rock has the highest hit rate of great songs.

How does Linda Ronstadt’s music inspire you?

She, along with the other pioneers of that California country rock sound (The Flying Burrito Brothers, Eagles, etc.) made music that was the perfect blend of my country childhood and rock aspirations. All her hits were covers but she applied her flavor and it made it sound like they were all written by the same person.

Your dad was in the Coast Guard. Please tell us some stories and experiences from this time.

We moved every 1.5 to 3 years. It was hard saying goodbye to friends but it allowed me to see a lot of cool places and meet different kinds of people. The best place was Puerto Rico where there was no TV in English so I had to play outside and get into other hobbies. This is where I first became serious about being a musician.

Please tell us more about your most recent music released through 808s and Fishin Lakes.

It started with 1 song that was a mix of old-time, storytelling, Country Bear lyrics, some rock drums guitar and modern 808 hip hop drums. I was only hearing serious country music on the radio so I thought this style could stand out. I hope it does.

In 2020 something happened. Please tell us more about when you started to create music.

I had been writing music for years but in 2020, I was having a dream set in a tropical location and there was a song playing in the background. I woke up with the entire chorus melody and 3 of the 4 lyric lines already written. It was during quarantine so I had plenty to complete my first song on the album, Mexico.

Why do you think music is so serious now?

I really don’t know but can we get a better balance of fun and serious, please? Slow songs can be great, sad songs can be too, but that’s 80% of what I’m hearing now in country.

Last, are there any particular festivals or venues you’d like to perform at?

I’m just starting out so honestly, I’d be happy to play any venue. Gonna book some small rooms this summer to spread the word about my album and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Listen up fully on Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Hebreo & K Perez put a reggae tech twist on the Peurto Rican EDM tonal palette with DiPutaDa

Running under the label SJB, the revered Puerto Rican producers, Hebreo & K Perez have dropped their debut 13-track studio album, Los Gatos Scarface, which showcases a fresh new fusionist sound that is brimming up from the Puerto Rican underground and spilling into international waters.

The standout single, DiPutaDa, is a rhythmically adrenalized amalgam of arrestingly bright tech house beats and intuitively placed reggaeton vocals that bring a smorgasbord of flavour. Nothing is lost in translation in this bass-riding modernist twist on the definitively Puerto Rican EDM palette.

EDM fans the world over have already started flocking to the tantalisingly infectious tempo of DiPutaDa. If you want to splice some kaleidoscopic colour onto your playlists, jump on it while the hype is hot.

Check out the original mix of DiPutaDa, which dropped on March 24, via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Back To Your Arms: Kinju wonders why a past lover made him into a Ghost

Remembering the broken trust and something other than real, Kinju roams rather quietly inside a reflective soundtrack for anyone who feels so lonely like a Ghost after a traumatic breakup.

Kinju is a Puerto Rico-born Denver, Colorado-based indie RnB singer-songwriter who makes honent melodies to alleviate all worries away.

21 years old but have gone through experiences most people my age can’t even think of and that my friend; is what brings me to music.” ~ Kinju

Softly spoken but ensuring full eloquence with a tremendous performance, Kinju is on top form with Ghost and drifts slowly into all facets of our lives. This is that real message to lather inside when we needed it most after wanting something that isn’t meant to be.

Ghost from Denver, Colorado-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Kinju is a rather incredible single which will make many wonder why love has to be complicated sometimes. Taking our minds into a deeper place of understanding with a tinge of regret, this is a rather eye-opening story millions have sadly felt before in this odd world.

Listen up on Soundcloud. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Puerto Rico Flavor: Farruco feat. Soundkraft and K Perez bring the party on ‘Pepas’ (San Juan Bass Remix)

Soundkraft and K Perez skillfully get our hungry bodies moving swiftly into enthusiastic action on the funky fusions and energizing rhythm they intended on ‘Pepas(San Juan Bass Remix), which was originally made by Farruco.

Puerto Rico-based tech house/pop music producer Carlos J. Morales aka Soundkraft (better known in the urban music scene as Hebreo) and fellow Puerto Rico artist and fellow producer K Perez, are usually reggaetón artists who are trying something new with a genre-bending tech house music tasty mixture textured with pulsating San Juan bass.

With a strong background in music production & composing, Hebreo has made his way into the world of urban music. His work with Puerto Rican artists like Ozuna celebrated rapper Hector El Father & Yomo — has garnered the industry’s attention, with Carlos’s multi-faceted talents being instrumental in producing chart-topping hits. Recently, he has teamed up with another celebrated Puerto Rican musician and producer, K Perez, to create a new genre of music they’re dubbing “San Juan Bass.” ~ Soundkraft and K Perez

You sense that these two good friends are on a mission to get their new sound on the world map, at they stomp down and get our whole soul connected into their vibe. There is a fresh feel here and it tastes so scrumptiously intoxicating in your lip-licking mouth, as you close your eyes and imagine dancing to this with thousands of excited revelers right next to you.

Pepas(San Juan Bass Remix) from Farruco featuring Soundkraft and K Perez, is that bass-thumping summer jam to heat up the dance floor. These two skilled artists put on a real show, as they bring a fantastically exciting new sound which rips into your speakers. This a real gem to get your body back into motion again, with a scintillating beach-beat to get your heart beating properly.

They urge us to form at the disco and that is exactly what we shall do.

Stream this new party track on YouTube and see the moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bringing peace: Puerto Rico’s Soundkraft are sensationally smooth on electronic beauty ‘Frio’

This is the sensational lead track from Soundkraft‘s recently released eight-track album and ‘Frio‘ is a thunderbolt of energy to boost our moods in an instant.

San Juan Puerto, Puerto Rico-based four-piece electronic music band Soundkraft, make that special mix of fresh soundscapes and beautifully crisp vocals, that brings perfectly lathered peace and love to override a wild and restless world before our very eyes. You will suddenly feel an ease come over you like none other, as her breathless tone unwraps all doubts and frustrations you may have currently.

The mix of different instruments and easy-to-consume ear-soothing elements, is such a calming fusion of welcoming variety that shows the stunning nature of Latino, House and Tech melodies, to quietly unlock all that stress away from your body. The effortless nature transfixes you and you can’t help but feel good and a happy embrace, hugs your whole body into a transfixing trance of joy.

Frio‘ from Puerto Rico’s electro-dance band Soundkraft, brings you that illuminating feeling of wonder that only a multi-talented four-piece act can-with the guitarist, dj, keyboardist and singer-all working perfectly in-sync, to make everything okay again with such a soothing song, that you will find impossible to forget easily.

Stream this top single here on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JUIC3 sends the world a real message about self-love on ‘Barbi3 World’

JUIC3 is an American singer, songwriter and model. ‘Barbi3 World‘ is her latest song and her best yet.

JUIC3 was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She realized her love for music and singing at a very young age and participated in various school musicals, where she was inspired to start writing songs of her own.

You want to be your own person. Being original is so important to you and you won’t let anyone say you are the same as anyone else. This is a such an important view in our fake world. It’s all about likes on social media and real moments are being missed. You won’t let that happen and prefer to live free.

JUIC3 sends us a real message of make-up, pictures and phones. She wants to let all the ladies know that you don’t have to fit into any box. A message sent through love and past experiences. ‘Barbi3 World‘ is a touching song that portrays a woman who is choosing who she is. Being authentic is so much better.

Stream this fab track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen