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Rhode Island’s Virtual World wishes he was rather dead with his latest release, ‘A Forgotten Reality’

Directing us into his pill-packed mind that has been thinking rather profoundly about what everything means, Virtual World returns with a sombre song that many will relate to on this seemingly hopeless planet as he shows us ‘A Forgotten Reality‘.

Formally known as Emenation, Virtual World is a Providence, Rhode Island-based indie alternative artist who is never satisfied with his music and refuses to get complacent.

Music Producer, Remixer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Writer, and I Mix and Master.” ~ Virtual World

Taken off his new 10-track release ‘Remnants of the Past‘, Virtual World takes us on a worrying walk filled with danger that will have you wondering intensely about how powerful our reflections are in this carnage-packed world. With sincere emotions that take you right into the soul of a human who needs a reset, to find that true happiness that shall set him free forever.

A Forgotten Reality‘ from Providence, Rhode Island-based indie alternative artist/music producer Virtual World shows us a creative soul who is currently trapped in his own mind which is locked in with massive chains currently. This is a single that is as underground as they come – with a darkly-lit video that will get you pondering deeply – about the unnecessary trauma that so many kind souls are currently facing.

See this mask-filled music video on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rising Above It All: Electronic artist Jacquiequinox shows us deeply into ‘The First Smile’

With a sultry start to proceedings that might have you wandering lucidly into this dreamy track, Jacquiequinox brings us a single that might be just perfect for a forthcoming Hollywood thriller movie with ‘The First Smile‘.

Jacquiequinox is a Providence, Rhode Island, USA-based indie electronic artist who makes that mystique-filled ambience you can’t seem to easily forget.

Surging ahead as a shining light away from all previous darkness of doom, Jacquiequinox has just dropped a song that will have you feeling so thoughtful as you vow to shake off any lingering shadows that threaten to bring you down. There is a consistently brooding beat attached that smarms your mind, as you unlock your potential that has been hiding away for too long.

The First Smile‘ from the Providence, Rhode Island, USA-based indie-electronic act Jacquiequinox, is a new single that is made with an edge that takes your mindset into a new place of intrigue. This feels like the perfect track to play when you are cruising around town as you look for inspiration – to finally get away from this rat race – that can suffocate your priceless soul if you let it dominate your actions and thoughts.

Remembering to smile in the face of adversity, is something that no one can buy from you anyway.

Listen to this new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen