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Spotlight Feature: Proverbial Cool Aid sang the devil-may-care blues through imperturbable indie rock tones in ‘My Days’

Jim Jones may have forever given Kool-Aid a bad reputation, but the Houston alt-rock outfit, Proverbial Cool Aid, is far from tarred by the same brush. Case in point, their latest revelationary mellow indie rock single, My Days, which was written by singer-songwriter Damen Martin and instrumentally contributed to by Lulu on drums and Jack Law on bass.

With tinges of Jack Johnson in the vox and breezy instrumental arrangement, you won’t need all too much convincing to fill your proverbial cup with Proverbial Cool Aid. If any single has what it takes to breed self-compassion, it is My Days; if the roads on life’s journey have left you weary, bed your soul down into this euphonic Les Paul-carved masterpiece. The simplest records are often the hardest to write and get right; the simplicity stands as a testament to Damen Martin’s mellowly compelling songwriting chops.

Proverbial Cool Aid Said

“My Days is a song that means a lot to me. You know, going through life, we make mistakes. This song is about the exact moment you catch yourself in the midst of a bad decision and say to yourself, Man, you shouldn’t have done that. It’s about regret, which can instantly reprimand you and torture you for years to come.”

After being recorded in Wire Road Studios, produced by Josh Applebee and mastered by Chris Longwood, My Days was officially released on March 30. It is now available to stream on all major platforms.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drink Proverbial Cool Aid’s Latest Alternative Single, Sick & Pool Hall

While we expected some degree of ingenuity from an outfit with the moniker Proverbial Cool Aid, we immersed ourselves in more innovation than what we bargained for with their latest single, Sick & Pool Hall, featuring Vince B and J Q Music.

Waiting until the four-minute mark in the track that spans just over six minutes to bring in the vocals was a bold move, especially when the build to them consisted of little more than crunchily distorted vintage tones spilling from the guitars and staccato rhythms, but the progressive track stood as a testament to the good things come to those who wait adage.

After some Kyuss-esque interludes and a  funky bassline laid down by Jack Law, the rock meets rap vocals start slathering the single with a fire that will leave smoke pouring through your speakers long after the fadeout. Sick & Pool Hall may just be the most original entry into the nu-metal genre after the turn of the century. The Houston-based sludge up luminaries are clearly ones to watch.

Stream the latest single from Proverbial Cool Aid by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast