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Give me fuel, give me DeadFire’s latest single, Pro[Pain]

It was over a year ago when we last heard the premier sleaze rock raconteurs, DeadFire, with their on the pulse hit, Anxiety Society; they’ve worn their societal consciousness on their sleeves once more with their latest single, Pro[Pain]. As democracy dies, no one will be able to hear the cries from the disenfranchised masses over their juggernautical stormer of heavy-hitting rock.

DeadFire picked up all the slack left behind by other UK rock and metal acts that are still letting their egos write their songs. Pro[Pain] is the ultimate slice of sonically monolithic vindication for anyone left reeling by a reality that is quickly becoming defined by greed and exploitation. The next time you feel like checking out of political protest, join the riff-heavy powerhouse at the helm of rebellion by tearing up your speakers with Pro[Pain]. It is enough to make you wonder what Metallica tracks would sound like if Hetfield had an ounce of relatability about him.

Pro[Pain] will be available to stream on Spotify from April 28.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast