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Never Do You Wrong: Rumi drops lovetorn debut single Amelia

Showing so much calmness despite being let down so much by his ex-lover who showed her true colours via a voice message, Rumi has dropped a rather hot first track to get our moods into a hugely reflective place on Amelia.

Rumi is an emerging London-based afrobeats/afropop artist with a Nigerian heritage who has made a single to remember here as our hearts are flown into a moment that so many of us have felt rather intensely before.

This is a promising debut from Rumi who sings with deep meaning and heartfelt honesty about a moment which causes fragile souls to break in half.

Amelia from the exciting newcomer Rumi is a quite dynamic single which will change moods and take us back into a whole different world. There is raw emotion here which might get many to think twice about opening their heart, in a swipe-quick world which will ghost you in a nanosecond.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Isaac Marquez drops delightfully honest debut RnB single ‘Disassociate’

With a stunning vocal ability that will have you gliding innocently in the sky above as you look for a happier place to find your zone again, Isaac Marquez shows us into his thoughtful intellect that is in a state of upheaval with ‘Disassociate‘.

Isaac Marquez is an indie RnB/soul solo singer-songwriter who has the kind of voice that has the ability to put you in a trance you will never forget.

Sending us a real insight that lifts the lit on a subject that is open swept under the rug and left to get lonely, Isaac Marquez might have one of the most complete vocal ranges you will hear all year. He sings from the bottom of his heart and has your attention quickly, as you feel that you have just witnessed someone rather special make their mark on your life so naturally.

Disassociate‘ from indie RnB/soul solo singer-songwriter Isaac Marquez, is one of the most reflective creations that might have you shedding a small tear. He sings with an honest delivery that draws the picture so calmly into your mind, as you sit back and ponder that feeling which is inside your stomach that you just can’t seem to explain easily. This is a track that might have you looking outside your mind, and wondering where your peace of mind is going to come from if you keep yourself caged inside all alone for too long.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Anything To Be Pretty: Shyli Madhala drops truly inspiring vision-altering debut ‘Pink for My Money’

As she burns away all the money-draining demons that made her unhappy before, Shyli Madhala is absoloutely remarkable on her skin-shaking debut track all about living your own life called ‘Pink for My Money‘.

Shyli Madhala is a wonderfully open minded Israel-born 29 year-old indie jazz solo artist and single Mom, who sings about meaningful moments that have shaped her life.

This song and video are a taste of an album I am creating that exposes and talks about the “elephants in my room”, which I believe many people can relate to.” ~ Shyli Madhala

You feel like you have just heard an artist who actually gets it, as she clicked on the inner switch and took a stand against being forced to do things that made no sense. Shyli sings like someone who is sick of the lies and the normal foolery which isn’t the way her path is headed, as she moves into her own lane to do life the way she sees fit.

The vocal ability is so crisply warm and supremely breathtaking at times, as you gaze into her glowing eyes and see the incredible determination running rampant through her whole body. Each lyric has you looking deeper and deeper, to see that she refuses to let the past define her and turn her into a blind robot like so many have become.

Pink for My Money‘ from the highly promising Israeli indie jazz solo act Shyli Madhala, is one of the most outstanding messages so far in 2021. This is all about moving away from what the zombie-fied sheep are doing – as the lie-infused television sucks away at your valuable soul – until nothing is left, to have your heart barely beating if you aren’t too careful. Life is about being truly happy inside after all, not worrying about who thinks you are pretty or not.

Making space for yourself in this world is the way to true self-enlightenment, no matter who doesn’t join you on this vitally important journey.

Check out this intrigingly brilliant new video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

High As The Ceiling: Philly rapper Jay Vonte hungrily grabs for all the bags on ‘POPPIN’ (feat. Drippy Jay)

On a cash-delivering track that shows his high motivation to make sure that he is never broke again, Jay Vonte dusts off the haters on the swag-delicious new single all about showing others the constant success on ‘POPPIN(feat. Drippy Jay).

Jay Vonte is an emerging Philly-based indie trap rapper with a motivated vigor to always be evolving his sound. He brings us a confident new flow and isn’t shy about telling us about it.

After the underground success of his first single ‘To The Max‘, he seems in the mood to build on his name with a very enthusiastic effort. There is no messing around here, as both of these youthful artist dominate the mic, and drop some skillful bars.

The main intention in each of his songs is to bring a happy and good-vibe to the listener, while also delivering a melodic and creative flow.” ~ Jay Vonte

POPPIN(feat. Drippy Jay) from the Philly-based indie trap rapper Jay Vonte, is a club-sweating new single which is a new school track of style-oozing gusto. He makes its clear that there is only one way to go and that is always upwards. He raps with self-assured breeze and opens up the windows so that only clear air may enter where he is at. That blaze-filled energy is clearly evident and he shows much promise on this new single.

Stream this new fresh track on his Soundcloud and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Her Happy Place: Motivated Australian pop artist Tina Rez drops cheeky disco-fused single ‘Love Dilemma’

After being shockingly scammed by a despicable local indie label two years ago, Tina Rez courageously moved on and followed her dreams with the respected Studios 301 and releases her much-anticipated fresh single called ‘Love Dilemma‘.

Tina Rez is a terrifically talented Sydney, Australia-based indie pop singer-songwriter, talented dancer, and loving Mum. She has that burning desire inside her veins to entertain and makes pure music that is so catchy, you will find yourself singing along joyously.

The song is about a girl who is all over a guy and is manipulating him to be with her but she’s only looking for attention and only wants to have fun. She knows how to get his heart and break it too.” – Tina Rez

She sings with such a impressive poise and a inner determination that so refreshingly alluring. You feel her sweet touch on this deliciously created track – as it jumps onto the dance floor with you – takes you by the hand, and looks you straight in the eye. This is that fun, naughty and sensual summer track you didn’t know you needed, that takes you for that fun ride you have wanted all day.

It takes courage to get up and show up every day, to keep going, and to follow your dreams even when those around you put you down. I once wrote about my dark experiences, but this is not the energy I wanted to bring across as an artist. I believe music shouldn’t just be about our dark times, but music should also move our happy nerves and that’s the energy I want to spark all over.” – Tina Rez

Love Dilemma‘ from the highly promising Australian pop artist Tina Rez, is a relevant song about someone who just wants to break hearts with no care or self-awareness, of what their selfish actions may cause. Sung by a marvelous singer with lots to prove, this is a feet-sliding 80’s/90’s fused single that puts you in the mood – and transports you to a place that has you feeling alive – replenishing the inside of the deepest part of your soul.

Stream this catchy new single on Spotify and check out her growing IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen