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Ed Roberts became the guiding light in the EDM scene with Northern Star featuring Amy Wyatt and Roi Aknin

Ed Roberts’ latest single, ‘Northern Star’, featuring Amy Wyatt and Roi Aknin, is a luminous beacon in the EDM universe. This track, infused with metaphorical depth, stands as a testament to Roberts’ burgeoning prowess in a genre often overshadowed by the towering legacy of icons like Avicii.

Roberts, a UK-based producer, draws inspiration from EDM stalwarts such as David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren. His journey, which took a definitive turn at the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2019, has seen him evolve from a vocal producer to a creator of his own distinctive soundscapes. His previous works have already made waves on platforms like Spotify, but ‘Northern Star’ marks a zenith in his artistic trajectory.

The track opens with a subtle, yet captivating melody that sets the stage for the soul-stirring vocals. The production, bathed in the twilight of dreamy synths, allows the emotional resonance of the lyrics to shine through. Each beat, each note, is meticulously crafted to carry the weight of the song’s heartfelt message.

As the song progresses, Roberts demonstrates his mastery of the genre, blending powerful, energetic drops with a sense of emotional depth that is often elusive in EDM. The reverb, far from being just an auditory effect, acts as a vessel for the song’s affective power, drawing the listener deeper into its narrative.

Northern Star was officially released on February 18th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Annava Put a Fresh Spin on Garage House with His Track, I Know

With structural twists and style transgressions always a feature of his genre-fluid discography, Annava’s self-produced unorthodox approach to sound design is a far cry from electronica monotony. His latest single, I Know, is a transmission of uninhibited expression within an echo of a deeply evocative memory.

Following a year of sonic adventures and collaborations, this Sacramento-based producer has crafted a track that stands as a testament to his evolving artistry. It begins with a subtle introduction, setting the scene for an intimately expansive auditory experience. Annava’s skill in blending genres is evident as he infuses the track with elements reminiscent of 100 gecs and Fred Again while following lesser-explored intersections of sound.

The genius of ‘I Know’ lies in its ability to maintain a grounded edge while exploring melodic realms. The track’s progression is a masterful blend of restraint and release, with every beat and synth wave meticulously placed to build a crescendo of emotional resonance. It’s a trippy, trance-inducing experience that transports listeners beyond the ordinary. The track’s progressive momentum is matched by a sense of euphonic catharsis, leaving listeners drenched in a sea of electronic bliss.

Annava said:

“For this release, I was inspired by UK Garage, 90s jungle, DnB, and old house mixes and the influence of my music teacher who challenged me to add harmonic variation in my tracks. 

Mostly, my music has no inherent sentimentality or meaning. I Know became the exception when I chopped up some vocals I recorded for an unreleased track, and it became a reflection of the pain of leaving someone you are in love with.” 

Stream I Know on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Naws extolled the virtue of patience in their melodic chill house single, Relevance

Intimacy and innovation became the cornerstones of the latest melodic chill house single, Relevance, from the West Bridgford-residing electronica outfit, Naws. Relevance is an odyssey through the intricate layers of human emotion, crafted with a blend of analog warmth and digital precision while unravelling as a testament to Naws’ Welsh heritage and their passion for creating music that resonates on a profound level.

The track is an immersive sugared pill. Swallow, and you’ll delve into its expansively oceanic depth, where the vastness of the soul is explored, guided by the haunting refrain, “Take your time with me”. This simple yet powerful lyric encapsulates the essence of the track – a call for patience and understanding in a world that often forgets the value of these virtues. It is a reminder of our inherent flaws in a world of fleeting moments and throwaway culture.

Each listen reveals new layers and nuances, making it a track that never grows tired. The use of the Moog Sub37, Roland Juno, and other analog synths infuses the track with a warmth and richness that is increasingly rare in contemporary electronic music.

Naws, with their appearances on BBC Introducing and signings to labels like Freegrant and Hathor, have already established themselves as artists to watch. ‘Relevance’ further cements their position in the melodic, progressive, and chill house genres.

Relevance was officially released on January 1st. Stream the single on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JANAYAH & Marcus Wiles brought euphoria to the dancefloor with their liberating EDM anthem, NOTHING TO LOSE

With their tantamount talent, the debut single, NOTHING TO LOSE, from the emerging vocalist and lyricist JANAYAH and EDM producer Marcus Wiles, who are both enrolled in the prestigious BRIT School in London studying music and production, respectively, is a radio-ready affirmation that whether they’re honing their collaborative chemistry or going solo, they’ll both have an illustrious career ahead of them.

The way the tension and emotion-fraught stabs of piano keys under JANAYAH’s stridently pitch-perfect vocals lead up to a mind-bendingly liberating drum n bass-drenched EDM crescendo signed, sealed, and delivered a promising future for the duo.

Their reverence for EDM and ability to emanate the same meticulous song-crafting flair as the likes of Calvin Harris, 3LAU, ChrisLake, Joel Corry, David Guetta, and Tiesto, will leave you on a knife edge as sharp as the hooks.

Once the monolithic momentum grips you, you’ll be at the mercy of the powerhouse duo. We can’t wait to hear the sophomore release after getting to grips with the transcendent debut, which could easily be considered the strongest EDM debut in 2023.

NOTHING TO LOSE is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Melancholia spills into the cosmos with Sub Caesar’s melodically progressive tech house cocktail Into the Oblast (When Will You Be Home) ft Brunetti

Some EDM anthems drop, others make a collision that will make an ever-lasting impression; Sub Caesar’s latest orchestration, Into the Oblast (When Will You Be Home) ft Brunetti, is luxe enough in meaningful momentum to scorch the airwaves on its arrival.

The dark and melancholic anthem, which is drenched in enough yearning and desperation for security and sanctity that it spills pensiveness into the cosmos, pulls together with a cohesion that makes it impossible not to surrender to the mellifluous instrumental layering and the searing soul in Brunetti’s glassy vocal lines. If her timbre sounds familiar, you may have heard her in her tracks featured on Netflix shows, including Selling Sunset, Love is Blind, and The Circle.

By exploring the most elemental trappings of melodic house & techno and progressive house, Sub Caesar produced an evocatively energising Tour De Force, which should necessitate the removal of the ‘sub’ affix from his moniker.

The independent Dutch producer, Sub Caesar, said:

“The inspiration for this track came from one of these heart-breaking clips of soldiers returning home, hugging their children. Amongst all the terrible news and images of war and war victims, his clip touched me deeply. A strong emotion is a good basis for music! The word ‘Oblast’ means region or province in Ukraine. In this track, it stands for any harm a loved one could be in while also being far away from home and the anxiety and special kind of longing that this causes. Having said that, yes, you can hear the actual Kiev air siren in there, pitched down a semitone to match the musical scale.”

Into the Oblast will officially be released on November 3rd; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Timothy and the Apocalypse took his listeners to alt-electro ‘Nirvana’ with his latest release

The Australian alt-electronica augmenter Timothy and the Apocalypse took his sound to new celestial heights with the release of his latest single, Nirvana; the merit of it is almost enough to dissipate the synonymousness between Kurt Cobain and the track title.

With the opening vocals resounding with a spiritually ceremonial timbre across the lush layers of reverb, the artist and producer set the bar transcendently high from the intro, and still managed to rise above it with the shoegazey dream-pop guitars which bring introduce the solid backbeat that affixes a strong gravitational pull to the ever-ascending melodic lines.

Midway through the track comes a euphoric uplift, which defies all expectations of Timothy and the Apocalypse. Since 2021, he’s held dominion over the ambient trip-hop scene and dominated the associated playlists. With Nirvana, he broke new ground by progressing his new release into a track that could fill a floor and rhythmically drive it into fervour. Amalgams of IDM and deep house don’t come much more electrifying than this.

Stream Nirvana and the THOLEMOD Remix, which hit the airwaves on September 8th via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Belle reworked an iconic Beats International hit for her latest EDM single, Just Be Good to Me

Pump it up to the tune of the latest slamming hit from the euphoria emissary, Belle. Her reworking of Dub Be Good to Me from the iconic act Beats International augments the earwormy grooves and feeds the mix all the staples of a seminal future house anthem.

Dancefloors won’t know what has hit them when the sonic session in bass-driven hedonist transcendence is underway; with the way that the original has been polished and anthemised to the nth degree, the Grammy-nominated Cali native ensured that the track has a place in the future of EDM. It is enough to make the original sound positively lo-fi; that will only sound like blasphemy before you’ve realised how much the Future Rave remix of Just Be Good to Me will push your speakers to the limit.

The Future Rave Version of Just Be Good to Me dropped on August 18th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: AMRIX has launched his EDM track that will follow you into the dark, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’

The Perth-hailing EDM artist & producer AMRIX gave a Grammy-worthy performance in his debut single, Don’t Be Afraid, which carries all the intimately compassionate soul of I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie on the smoothed-out-with-reverb synth lines which build into one of the most heartfelt crescendos you’re likely to ever to hear.

The tenderly mid-tempo hit amasses evocative visceralism around the builds and breaks in a similar vein to Avicii’s emotion-driven singles; AMRIX has what it takes to leave as much of a mark on the industry with his songwriting stripes that can drive you to the brink of tears while constructing a sanctuary to slip into when dark clouds permeate your perspective.

Collaborating with lyricist Matt Miller, a guest vocalist, and Ruben Castro, who mixed and mastered the self-produced release, the genre fusionist achieved his goal of creating timelessly impactful music that resonates with listeners on a deep emotional level.

While other EDM artists are busying themselves releasing trite high-vibe summer hits that do little more than contribute to unrealistic expectations of a utopic season, AMRIX is cutting right to the core of sincerity with his elevated discography; I know which kind of artist I will be putting on my radar for future installations of resonant euphonic compassion.

In his own words, here’s what AMRIX had to say on his first installation of electro RnB-Pop:

“Don’t Be Afraid is inspired by personal experiences and the universal struggle of developing trust in relationships. It explores the vulnerability and strength required to open up to another person fully.”

Don’t Be Afraid hit the airwaves on July 28; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bring Ibiza to your speakers with LE PASH’s sophomore UK house hit, Right Now, featuring LIANN

DJ LE PASH blew the roof off UK house with his sophomore single, Right Now; borrowing the soulfully smooth vocal lines from LIANN, he served up a scorching slice of summer that will blow smoke through your speakers as you groove to the urban dance licks, which pay homage to the 90s dance scene while adding a new trajectory to the evolution of the genre. With a sound so polished the Ibiza-euphoria emanating hit could have been produced by Mr Sheen, Right Now has all the makings of an EDM chart-topper.
LIANN’s strident-with-blissful-soul vocal lines are the perfect contrast to the garage-y rap bars that prove that America may be the homeland of hip-hop, but the UK will always reign supreme in its own gritty authentic vein.
Stream the anthemic Radio Edit and melodic acoustic rendition of Right Now on Spotify. 
Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dehko – Slide ft. Snap Dogg: EDM Rap Has Never Hit Harder

The Detroit EDM duo, Dehko, is an unreckonable force after the drop of their anthemically arresting album, Tektroit. Dehko isn’t just hot on the heels of Tiesto, Skrillex, Garrix, Kygo, and Don Diablo, the brother duo has scorched right past them with his galvanisngly ground-razing epic of an LP.

The standout single, Slide, featuring the rap legend in his own right, Snap Dogg, is the sonic equivalent of an adrenalin shot to the heart. After a steady and almost sultry build, the bass-drenched beats catapult you through the hard and heavy progressions while Snap Dogg lends his dominantly gruff vocal energy to create a juggernaut of an EDM Rap hit.

From the absorbingly tensile breaks and builds to the crystal-clear cut of the production to the emotion the hit compels you to feel, Dehko & Snap Dogg reached the definitive pinnacle of EDM Rap. It would be idiotic to try and top it.

Slide dropped on March 10th; you can jump on the hype by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast