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Indiana Heights put a modernist spin on Prog Rock-Fusion with “In the Thick of Things”

Indiana Heights

Indiana Heights treated us to a preview of forthcoming single In the Thick of Things which offers a modernist Avant-Garde spin on time-old tones.

There may be a serious amount of pioneering complexity within In the Thick of Things, but the Boston-based Prog Rock-Fusion 5-piece succeeded in making it alluringly accessible from the first hit.

With the bendy throbs of the bass, the eccentricity of the Jazzy piano progressions and the ardent passion which blasts from the sax, In the Thick of Things could only be described as mesmeric and insane in equal measure.

A frenetic Jim Jones-esque energy runs through the Jazzy Funk-laden ensemble – especially with the vocals – but the soundscape remains radio-ready all the same.

You can check out Indiana Heights via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast