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Gabriel Lucas Music’s seminal prog rock single The Tower is a placatingly electrifying juxtaposition

After the droning guitars veer into their first melodic break, the seminally artful prog rock single, The Tower, from Gabriel Lucas Music, featuring Anneke Van Giersbergen, is an ascension into gravity-defying sheer sonic beguile from there on out.

The alchemy that breathes between the dual-layered harmonies and the soaring guitar solos which bring elements of classic rock into the prog masterpiece registers as a placating yet electrifying juxtaposition. Even when Lucas’ vocals forsake harmony to deliver a raw primal outpour, the arresting catharsis of The Tower refuses to loosen its vice-like grip, which will also compel you into affixing the track onto your staple playlists.

In the same way that Ne Obliviscaris take you on a journey orchestrated to awaken and simultaneously sate the senses for desires you never knew needed satisfying, Gabriel Lucas’ prog sound crafting is a testament to his trailblazing talents.

Stream the official music video for The Tower via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast