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Bluku: A Fusion Firestorm of Culture and Beats by Hype and Fever

Hype and Fever lived up to their moniker with their universally magnetic standout single, Bluku. The monocultural mould was rhythmically obliterated by the pulse-pounding kinetic melodies in the synthesis of Jamaican, Indian, and UK sonic culture.

If you like your beats hot, your bass heavy, and your rhythms tight, let your speakers ignite to the sound of the UK-residing duo which melds bansuri flutes with dancehall kicks to create a kaleidoscope of hybridic culture in their self-produced beats which pay an ode to their Jamaican and Indian heritage.

The explosively vibrant smorgasbord of culture delivers a burst of colour as Hype and Fever create friction on the instrumentals with their distinctively dominant bars that bring energy, fire, and enigmatic flair to ensure Bluku unravels as a dynamically intense release that is far too addictive to quit.

The momentum around Hype and Fever is only growing; be a part of their ascent.

Hype and Fever is now available to stream on YouTube, or you can add the release to your playlists.

To follow the next moves of the brother duo, link up on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Producer duo The Oth3rs saunter in with superb instrumental ”Mundaze” soundtrack

Houston in Texas is the home of Hip Hop instrumental duo The Oth3rs and they return with brand new track ”Mundaze”. This is a fire track that has an eerie outlook to it and I get lost in the succulent beat that oozes through the speakers.

This is the first single of the upcoming project “Tuesday and Thursday“. This is second instrumental album from the production duo and is hotly anticipated. The artwork is so dope to add to this epic track that soothes the tired soul.

The Oth3rs impress on ”Mundaze” and this skilled duo roll straight through with this quality track with no vocals. The Houston based team are an act to watch as they build up their skills all the time. This is a duo to watch as they get more known globally. I like the crisp quality on this song and more will surely follow to this high standard.

Stream this excellent instrumental track on Soundcloud and enjoy the deep sounds.

Find out more about this Hip Hop instrumental duo on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gold Record – On Notice: Nostalgically Accessible, Futuristically Fresh Funk-Soaked Indie Synth Pop

Up and coming trio Gold Record’s debut release On Notice is a nostalgically accessible, futuristically fresh feat of Funk-soaked Indie Synth Pop.

The sultry grooves in the infectiously melodic soundscape are paired with vocals which carry reminiscences with artists such as John Grant. Naturally, On Notice drips with commercial potential.

It’s a rare track which offers energetically danceable beats, but no matter where or when you hear On Notice, it’s guaranteed to lift your mood with the organic good vibes which spill from the persona of the artists.

If the lush synth lines don’t do it for you, the sax solo which brings in the outro definitely will.

You can check out Gold Record’s single On Notice for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

For more info, head on over to Gold Record’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast