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P.B. Kelii sees that priceless glow that shows you he has found a shining star on ‘Cartier Lenses’ (feat. Xodrew)

Taken from his debut 10-track release called ‘Blue Chips, Vol. 1‘, P.B. Kelii knows that his future partner has been through so much heartache but vows to be different to the rest through these eager ‘Cartier Lenses(feat. Xodrew).

P.B. Kelii aka PROducedBy Kelii is an Atlanta, Georgia-based RnB/Hip hop artist who is new on the scene but makes a mature sound that shall elevate your mood upwards.

He lists Stevie Wonder, Willie Hutch, Organized Noize, and Timbaland as his musical inspirations.” ~ P.B. Kelii

Soothing all that previous pain away like a kind soul who is here to transform everything, P.B. Kelii is in inspired form with a stunning song that shall sweep you off your feet rather quickly. The vocals on offer are loaded with sweet goodness, like a Christmas present, and might have you beaming with joy.

Cartier Lenses(feat. Xodrew) from Atlanta, Georgia-based RnB/Hip hop P.B. Kelii is one of those tracks that shall seduce your mind and get you thinking that this might be the lover who you have been searching for. Sensing that he needs to show that he is different and not a greedy player like the rest, this is a romantic song to stimulate your body awake from the previous cold storms.

Sometimes you just need to stumble into that genuine human who is looking for that sweet love that will stir your hearts onto a yacht packed with happiness.

Listen up to this fantastic new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen