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Raising proper awareness: Suffolk emcee Tad grabs the loot on superb ‘Made To Be Tame’

Bringing his prodigiously crafted rap delivery that heats up your senses satisfyingly, Tad rips up the script on 2021 with one of the best underground hip hop tracks of the year called ‘Made To Be Tame‘.

Dynamic Lisbon, Portugal-born, Tadeu Fialho aka Tad is a Suffolk, UK-based emcee, who makes that true life hip hop about vitally important causes that actually matter, like disgraceful discrimination and worrying mental health issues which are spoken about with meaning and force on a sizzling beat from Ddiltz Productions.

His furious flow rides through like a drive-by, he swerves into your speaker system to make a real difference with his self-aware lyrics about the current hardships that are plaguing his local area right now. With so many youngsters in jail, the world going mad and leeches out there trying to suck all the good energy out of the world, he lights a dazzling fuse and throws it all the way into our consciousness, to make a name for himself in this often diluted genre.

This is the story about having that extra determination to reach your dreams despite all the rocks being thrown at you. Surviving in this war-torn world is tough at the best of times, but this pandemic has showed you who your real friends are and what you need to do in order to rise to the top of the food chain.

Made To Be Tame‘ from the supremely talented UK/Portuguese emcee Tad, is a true life look into the darkness of today, that is rapped in a tremendously world class flow that lifts the lid of current issues that have engulfed the UK, whilst showing that he is headed all the way to the top where that tasty loot is at.

See the top video on YouTube and find out more about his story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen