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Have a backbone: LunariaN implore us to leave the armor behind on Proclamation: Phantoms

With a cinematic-like experience featuring a myriad of different instruments and powered in with a proper message to learn from, LunariaN closes the door on self-doubt and instructs us to find that strong backbone on Proclamation: Phantoms.

LunariaN is a Jakarta, Indonesia-based indie experimental rock band that after gaining buzz before 2014, took a break and returned during the recent challenging covid times.

Taking us on a rather marvellous ride and demonstrating to us their world-class skill set, LunariaN slams all the doubts away with a supreme performance for the ages. This is world-class right the way throughout and shall embolden many to follow their dreams, in a world which seems harder by the day.

Proclamation: Phantoms from Jakarta, Indonesia-based indie rock band LunariaN is a heavy experience which shall never break the soul, only enlighten it. Powerful but never too much to consume, we find a single constructed with that expert knowledge which has been forged over time. Their tight bond is still swollen and ready for more. It feels like we’ve just witnessed the return of an outfit that makes glorious music to be admired for its creative genius.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen