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Glow by Precept Evolves As The Song Goes On

Some people enjoy a song that takes you to a time and place in your mind. If only for a few moments, you can be back in that dance hall, in that small room, on that mountainside, etc. Glow by Precept takes this idea a step further by really setting a mood and an atmosphere that grows and evolves as the song goes on. In this sense, you’re brought to both a start point and sent onward through a completely different end point. This transitory process in your mind is all thanks to the careful filtering and layering of Precept.

They say music can communicate when words fail. If this song is any evidence, the compacting of dwelling is entirely possible in an audible sense. Glow has done the brooding for you. It’s watched the sunset, contemplated the nature of the universe and stared at the void long enough for it to give a wink back for you. If these sound like hobbies of yours that are entirely too time-consuming, Precept has managed to stuff them all in less than 4 minutes. This is a beautiful song using electronic elements to make a very real and existential point.

-Paul Weyer