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Showing her you are serious: Kid Grim drops the fiery ‘Prada Cloths’

Young rapper Kid Grim has just dropped his debut 8 track album called ‘Under The Moon’ and ‘Prada Cloths’ is the hot new single, that is setting the standard of Indie Hip Hop in this crazy year of 2020.

The acoustic start is lively and the raps drive a hole through all the wack emcee’s that have smothered the charts with their weak rhymes. This is a fledgling rapper who has that extra fire that so many are lacking. You can feel his hunger as he bites through the bars to show her that he is for real.

He certainly is no average joe and wants to treat his girl with some Prada clothes and make sure she is relaxed with whatever she wants to do and taste. This beat sprinkles the speakers with a splendid bass and constant energy to lift us into the seduction that is taking place, with these sultry lyrical deliveries.

His vocals are striking and keeps the story hot and with purpose. This is a musician who is just making his name is the shark-infested waters of the music world but wants respect real quick to keep his street cred up there with the best. When you are young, you want that extra feeling that people know you and that you are looking fresh as can be too.

Prada Cloths’ is the new Hip Hop effort from the rising star Kid Grim. If he can stay focused, get his team tight, and build his name up brick by brick until he gets that breakthrough festival appearance to push his name out to the masses, this is an artist we need to keep a close eye on.

Get your rap meal on Spotify and see how his career goes via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen