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POVEDA reminds us of that warm 1985 glow on Otra Noche Más

Bringing us the first composition of Roberto’s career from 1985 which has extra flair added for modern times, POVEDA performs with an electric skill and wholehearted desire on Otra Noche Más.

POVEDA is a 2-piece project born from the creative minds of Cuban composer Roberto Poveda and the American drummer Layton Weedeman.

It is no coincidence the song of freedom was picked up and recorded by the national record label of Cuba, EGREM, but met its interesting fate and was mysteriously lost without a trace. Nearly 35 years later, during the 2020 pandemic, Roberto brought the song back to life.” ~ POVEDA

Decompressing the stresses of the world with something so peacefully chilled and pleasant to sip on at the beach, POVEDA has dropped a rather influential soundtrack to summer. This is a superbly constructed song with innovative juices dripping from each corner and shall evoke a warm feeling of hope into each listener’s veins.

Otra Noche Más from the Cuban/American duo project POVEDA is a rather peaceful soundtrack to roaming around and seeing the world with a positive mindset. Sung with a soulful passion and brimming with a carefully calm aura of adventure, we are treated to something rather unique.

In a world replenished with sneaky copycats, this is a warm ray of sunshine in all the right places.

Turn this up in full via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen