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I Put The Time In: Che Fresco keeps rising no matter the battles on Dialed In

Taken off the fiery 11-track album called POV, Che Fresco has decided to show the world that it is indeed possible to be the best version possible despite the smoggy clouds of doom hovering around like yesterday’s toast on Dialed In.

Che Fresco is a South Central, Los Angeles-based indie hip-hop artist, singer-songwriter and music producer who is also a massively skilled multi-instrumentalist.

Growing up playing jazz trumpet, he’s been able to travel to Brazil, Spain, and Cuba before the age of 18 with the help of mentor and friend Fernando Pullum.” ~ Che Fresco

Always stylin’ and never doubting anything about his master plan, Che Fresco tells us to be genuine and to never run away from the true path which is ready to be seen whenever our hearts are happy. Wise words you see? Illuminating our souls the right way, this is as honest a song as anyone shall find in 2023.

Dialed In from South Central, Los Angeles-based indie hip-hop artist Che Fresco is a dream-hunting anthem which aims to wash away the fake like a cleaner on a Monday morning. Standing tall and impressing all listeners with his smokey-cool sound and a catchy beat to match the fire up, this is a hot song to breathe new life into an unconscious world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen