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The Party That Surrounds You: Jaguar Jaguar urge us not to panic on the mesmerizing new single ‘Post-Op’

After gaining international success with their previous EP ‘Common Menace Pt.1, Jaguar Jaguar return with ‘Post-Op‘, which is taken off their latest five-track offering called ‘Pink Lies‘.

Jaguar Jaguar is the exciting Minneapolis, Minnesota-based dark synthpop/indie rock act with a style that is so unique you will need to listen twice, as they intertwine together such mysterious sounds which mystify your mind to unlock a new level.

This is the story about feeling like an outsider, you are in the party but you can’t seem to get into the proper zone and feel like you are in a different world. You wish that you could change and become someone else, as you think about turning into a new face that will be alive and taken notice of for once. You know not to panic however, as things will change around soon if you break away from this stale energy, that has tied you inside.

The multi-skilled sounds are so gripping and has you impressed by the different layers that are somehow spellbinding and complex – each verse changes up without notice – and twists your mood into a frenzied state of hypnotized enjoyment.

Post-Op‘ from Mineapolis three-piece indie rock/synthpop outfit Jaguar Jaguar, leads us into an underground world where so many get lost in, as they reside into their own deep thoughts that can lock you into a different mindset, that can be so different to breakout from. With a unique sound that has you listening so close, they are a fascinating band full of so much promise.

Listen to the new track here on Spotify and check out their IG for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen