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Angolan-Portuguese artist Dabie Simul impresses with the wonderfully catchy FOGO

With a cheeky and cute giggle to start off proceedings, Dabie Simul shall spark a ray of sunshine to emerge even if there are dark clouds brewing like a volcano on the sexy new single FOGO.

Dabie Simul is an Angolan-born, Portuguese music artist and student who blends jazz, soul, afro sounds and hip-hop into her introspective creations.

The pure essence of who I’m choosing to be in this present moment.” ~ Dabie describing her new sound

Startling all innocent ears with a lovely single to hold tightly, Dabie Simul is on top form with a tremendously instinctive soundtrack. She sends our hearts into a whirlwind of emotions on a rather magnetic single to dance with all night.

FOGO from Angolan-born, Portuguese musician Dabie Simul is a rather catchy experience for the betterment of current society. Sung rather marvellously and with a  smile never far away, all moods are flipped over like a pancake on this gem of a single. Featuring positive vibes and loads of imagination to swim deeply into, this is a delightful track to simmer sweetly into.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hummana shows stunning elegance on the culture-rich single CARGA (Burden)

With such a beautifully mood-transforming essence and meticulous care to keep a vital creative movement alive forever, Hummana is rather spellbinding in a superb song to close your eyes with as your mind is finally set free on CARGA (Burden).

Led by the brave Cristina Vieira, Hummana is a Berlin, Germany-based Madeira Island-born Portuguese indie music project who is on a mission to keep the incredible culture of a homeland awake no matter what.

Cristina grew up in the Island’s unique cultural landscape with influences from Portugal, Northern Africa and Northern Europe. She was immersed in the traditions of the island that, nowadays, are quickly disappearing.” ~ Cristina Vieira

Searching for an updated approach to popular poetry and the traditional Madeiran Songbook while never losing its real authenticity, Cristina Vieira and Hummana¬†shall have you wondering why music can’t be as pure as this all the time. Showing so much pride for being a part of a community that is so special, there is an ear-warming effort to appreciate for its fine artistry.

Vocally outstanding and with an ensemble of the highest quality musicians possible, this is a song that shall find you feeling so replenished.

The music of Madeira is simple and wise. It speaks of the pillars of life. It is work-music that is being played to the rhythm of the manual labour that forged the lives of the people of the island. It is also the music with which the Islanders have expressed love, grief and joy.” ~ Hummana

CARGA (Burden) from elegant Madeira Island-born singer-songwriter Hummana is one of the most illuminating songs of the year so far. With important cultural implications attached, this is an immense anthem that shows us all that if you are doing things for the right reason, it usually works out for the best. Great music heals after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen