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I’m Old School: Portsmouth hip-hop artist OSD takes us back to the fun PS1 days on ‘THPS’

With a two cent coin old school feel that brings you so much nostalgic wonder through the hourglass of time, OSD heartily longs for those epic days when things where more simple and you had to turn on the modem with ‘THPS‘.

OSD is an alternative experimental hip-hop artist from the port city Portsmouth in the UK. He makes a blend of music which dusts off the cap from the good parts of the past, where things seemed so much simpler.

The OSD project is a world where thoughts and feelings are allowed to be expressed artistically through the power of music with no barriers.” ~ OSD

With quick-fire raps that slams right through your ears and into your mind to soak up introspectively, there is much to like from an artist who brings you back to a place in time that was rather special. As he forges a picture into our learning eyes that shows you what things were like in the 90’s – this true storyteller washes over our hearts calmly- and tells us how it was before we lost a part of ourselves to excessive habit.

OSD is a step into an introspective mind and place where genre boundaries are pulled down and musical experimentation is put into full effect.” ~ OSD

THPS‘ from the Portsmouth, UK-based experimental hip-hop solo act OSD, is a why-do-they-stare-at-their-screens moment which has you wondering why most of us have turned into social media junkies. With a zombie mentality that actually alienates those who see past it all – as we scroll again to avoid the FOMO – this is a flashback moment to playing PlayStation One and being happy about life before the internet took over.

If only we could all find our souls again and join together for one minute, to look up and see how beautiful this stunning world really is.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen