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Anna Smith overcome cancer to share her joie de vivre classic pop single, Feel Like Myself

After undergoing six months of chemo and immunotherapy, songwriter Anna Smith immortalised the memory of getting the all-clear in her song, Feel Like Myself, sung by the vocalist Jolie. The rapture of the moment radiates through the single, which was written for her daughter, that everyone should drink in if only once, to get the reminder that for all the expectations we have in life, sometimes simply being alive is the greatest triumph.

We spend so much time wishing to be someone else, to have the attributes, the wealth, the status, the acclaim of someone else, but as proven by this enlivening feat of classic piano pop, there is nothing sweeter than feeling like yourself after you’ve learnt to love the skin you’re in and respect your body for all that it grants you.

Feel Like Myself officially released on March 19th. Hear it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Imelda Gabs sophisticated the pop genre to the nth degree with her mournfully minimalistic neo-classic pop single, RECKLESS

‘RECKLESS’ is the latest intensely compelling single from the pop innovator Imelda Gabs. From a mournfully minimalistic neo-classic prelude of minor piano keys, the contemporary ballad that comes to terms with a disposition of recklessness seamlessly builds; utilising the dynamic vocal range of Imelda Gabs to orchestrate one of the most strident crescendos to ever grace the pop genre.

The pain exhibited borders on primal as the independent singer and producer gave an intimate view of her own shortcomings to universalise the phenomenon of letting our inner saboteur lead us to a position of self-doubt, regret, and inner hostility.

The 24-year-old Belgian and Congolese artist grew up in Switzerland, where she studied piano, violin and signing before evolving as a composer and songwriter. Since 14, she has been gracing prestigious stages amongst world-renowned artists before she started to focus on her recorded music, and my God, the airwaves were crying out for her elevated balletic grace.

Watch the cinematic official music video for RECKLESS on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast