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Hager – All at Once: Consolingly Stunning Neo-Classic Ambient Pop

Starting off with ambient neo-classic keys, Hager’s single All at Once from her 2020 album Miscellaneous Melodies takes pensive Indie Pop to a new level of quiescent ingenuity.

The melodies in All at Once may be tender, but evocatively, it hits hard enough to leave you aurally bruised. All at Once has the same effect as someone asking in full sincerity if you’re okay, when you’re really not okay. It brings torrid emotions to the surface as you listen to the melancholy in Hager’s striking vocals, but we all need outlets and I couldn’t point you in the direction of a more consolingly stunning single.

I have zero shame in the admission that the floodgates opened with All at Once, my tear ducts never stood a chance with this celestially compelling feat of Pop.

You can check out All at Once and the rest of the artist’s Miscellaneous Melodies album by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast