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Mara Liddle unleashed the ultimate upbeat pop earworm for the awkwardly inclined with her single, Oversharing

If you have a tendency to overshare, don’t cringe about your proclivity to spill TMI; tune into the latest futuristic feat of bubblegum pop from the effortlessly relatable artist, Mara Liddle.

Oversharing hits you with the instant hooks; once your rhythmic pulses are receptive to the euphonically synth-driven sticky sweet melodies, the independent songstress utilises her candour-fuelled wordplay as reassurance that you’re not the only one that struggles with boundaries and self-consciousness.

The auto-tuned vocals effortlessly synergise with the high-energy pop beats, which made me reminisce about the days when Shiny Toy Guns reigned supreme while anticipating the bright future of the songwriter, who is currently hard at work on her upcoming EP.

Oversharing will hit the airwaves on May 19; catch it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lily Slate – The Devil Made Me Do It; prepare your hedonistic pop playlists

‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ is the sinfully sweet dark electro-pop anthem from the born audiophile and luminary artist Lily Slate. The ultimate hedonists’ anthem unravels to ensnaring synths, polyrhythmic guitars, filthy electric guitar licks and swathes of deep sub-bass. While Slate’s sultry vocal magnetism draws you into the track that reminds you how good it feels to surrender to inhibition.

The Californian artist draws inspiration from the obscure and iconic. Bowie, Eno, and Mercury all became a massive part of the artist’s sphere of influence. Yet, when it comes to his sound, the composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter notably followed his own lasciviously iniquitous edge.

The Devil Made Me Do It features on Slate’s debut album, ii, which is due for release on 22/02/2022.

The Devil Made Me Do It is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Goshok subverts summer pop stereotypes with his latest single, Hold it Down, featuring Darren Fewins.

Treat your synapses to a shot of serotonin with Czech music producer, DJ and songwriter Goshok’s latest dance-pop single, Hold it Down, featuring vocals from Darren Fewins. Which specific EDM umbrella the visceral beats fall under may be hard to discern, but what is strikingly evident in the ebbs and flows of the single is the ardent passion within it.

Instead of crafting your average pop anthem that obsesses over skin-deep connections, Hold it Down delves into a sincerer pool of affection. The euphoria-packed track celebrates unconditional love and reminds the listener that no one is too idiosyncratic in the presence of true love. That will quite literally be music to plenty of people’s ears.

Hold it Down was officially released on October 1st; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sophia Gonzon goes ‘Dancing With The Devil’

Working with producer Cesar Da Emperor is clearly working well for Florida-based Italian-American Sophia Gonzon, who – in collaboration with singer-songwriter Ryan Curtis – brings us her new single ‘Dancing With The Devil’.

Poppy, dancy R&B with enough of a hint of rock to perfectly suit the gritty edge to her voice, ‘Dancing With The Devil’ is all dynamics, soft verses and big, overdriven power-chord choruses. There’s a mix of influences here, from Pink and Christina Aguilera through Gwen Stefani and Gloria Estefan to Flo Rida and Lil Wayne. There’s some well-put together self-harmonies on the choruses, that Stefani/No Doubt vibe coming through on the catchy pop-funk-rock guitar stylings and Gonzon’s powerful vocals.

You can hear ‘Dancing With The Devil’ on Spotify; follow Sophia Gonzon here or on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Pop starlet in the making Emily Cole vibes out with ‘Ain’t My Vibe’

Emily Cole, a rising singer-songwriter from Texas has released her new track ‘Ain’t My Vibe’: a summery, pop anthem that’s sure to be an earworm all season long. 

Starting out to the tune of sparkly, pulsing synths underlining some sweetly soft vocals, Emily Cole proves herself to be a young pop artist with some serious songwriting chops. Her melodies and rhymes – and all their corresponding cadence – harken back to a younger, more rebellious Taylor Swift kind of attitude which helps get across her message in a fun, carefree way that truly shines through..

‘Ain’t My Vibe’ grows on you, and that’s because it’s simple and it’s fun – and delivered with a very solid vocal performance from Emily Cole. If you’re looking for some pop that’s fun, a little bit aloof and full of attitude, Cole has it in spades with ‘Ain’t My Vibe’. 

Check out Emily Cole’s ‘Ain’t My Vibe’ on her Spotify page now.