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Eamonn Conor recalls that sensual kiss that changed everything with ‘Pony Ride’

As he gazes into the clear eyes of that incredible lover who has made his whole heart happy and warm, Eamonn Conor is in dazzling form with a single all about that radiant feeling that has you smiling for days on ‘Pony Ride‘.

Eamonn Conor is an Australian indie-pop solo singer-songwriter who blends in RnB and soul elements to have a style of music that is always his own.

Since releasing his debut single Pony Ride in 2017, Eamonn has gone on to release several tracks, culminating in 2019’s Thoughts EP. Thoughts displays a musical versatility throughout all of its tracks, from electronic inspired pop, to classic R&B and soul elements make it a captivating listen from start to finish.” ~ Eamonn Conor

With a spectacular ambience that sends your whole body in an absolute flutter like an optimistic bird flying high in the sky, Eamonn Conor is in a mood that could possibly take your breath away. Soothing our lonely souls with something so genuine and real, this is a superb single that has been made with so much care and a kiss-filled atmosphere.

Pony Ride‘ from Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter Eamonn Conor, is one of the most romantic tracks you will ever hear. The vocals are smooth and loving, the lyrics tell you how he feels, and the beat has you in a vibrant mood to be with that person who makes you feel alive inside the deepest part of your soul. Showing us what true love looks like, this single should inspire anyone who is feeling uninspired to talk to their crush and start up that romantic journey.

Hear this stunning single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen