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Policy Orchestrated the Ultimate Shadowed Symphony of Alt-Electronica with Lunella in ‘Lights Out’


With his latest single, Lights Out, the award-winning producer, multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, Policy, exhibited how his three decades in the industry have culminated through his heart-wrenching cinematic soundscape which paralyses with power from the first ominously reverberant synth stroke.

The dark and stormy instrumentals feed delicious disquietness until the dawn of the single breaks with Euro House nostalgic euphoria. Through it all, Lunella’s vocals keep an even heart-breaking keel, channelling ephemeral grace in the same vein as Bjork. Her voice, steady yet heartrending, navigates the complexities of quasi-heartbreak with a finesse that mirrors the track’s richly layered instrumentals. The refrain, “You only love me with the lights out,” acts as a raw nerve, exposing the pain of love that lingers in the shadows, never fully revealed.

Policy’s synthesis of trip-hop, house, and dystopic avant-garde synth-pop will leave you ensnared in the beautifully crafted chaos of heartbreak. Every note and lyric is meticulously woven to explore themes of love, rejection, and the introspective shadows of the human experience. For fans and new listeners alike, Lights Out promises a sonic experience that captivates and haunts in equal measure.

Lights Out will be available to stream on all major platforms, including Spotify, from May 7th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Avicii meets Depeche Mode in Policy’s latest genre-mash, I’d Wait for You ft Sergi Yaro


The award-winning genre-melding producer, Policy, is back on the airwaves following the successful launch of his debut LP, Echo Chambers, in 2020 and the sophomore album, The Abby Rose, in 2022. This time, the Ohio-based beat master collaborated with the Ukrainian singer-songwriter Sergi Yaro to awaken sentimental senses with I’d Wait for You.

The falsetto vocal lines against the dark, droning and dancey synths and harbingering percussive beats, which slam to sonically attest to how dark the waters of a loveless reality can be, is an alchemic combination, which won’t fail to drag you into the murky core of this experimental hit which could win over mainstream electronica fans and alt-electro heads alike. Instrumentally, if you found the middle ground between Depeche Mode and Avicii, you’d find I’d Wait for You resoundfully residing there.

I’d Wait for You is due for official release on May 23; hear it on the artist’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: We speak to one of Cleveland’s finest drummers ever, Policy

We had the pleasure of chatting with Policy recently and this was one for the books. With Taco Bell treats, plenty of pool parties and finding out what it feels like to be one of Cleveland’s finest musicians ever, we are taken on a tremendously insightful interview to treasure.

Thank you for joining us today Policy as we’re truly blessed to chat with you. Firstly, how are you doing today and what do you feel is the healthiest meal to start a day with?

Hello, I’m doing great today, thank you. There is no question the best meal to start the day with is Taco Bell’s steak breakfast crunch wrap. Is it healthy…..I’m not sure, but I’m addicted. I could eat these things every single day. I’m a healthy guy. I hit the gym, run, play tennis and I’ve been doing intermitted fasting for the past 6 months, sometimes extreme. But the crunch wrap is what I would like to start everyday with if I could! I must stop myself from ordering if I’m driving by a Taco Bell. I must refrain from thinking about a crunch wrap after I’m done at the gym because they are right next to each other. During the pandemic, there was no Taco Bell breakfast, NO CRUNCH WRAPS! Life is good now for sure when I get to have one or two or three or……… and no sauce please!

Secondly, where in the world are you and what is the best thing to do in your local area?

I’m in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame City of Cleveland, OH USA, born and raised! I did spend some time in Los Angeles, CA, but my hometown is the C-L-E!. We’ll for me the best thing to do is to hit a couple of new venues down by the lake in what is called the East Bank of Flats area. We have a very cool outdoor venue called FWD that has major DJs performing and other events as well and has a pool for summertime. We also have a new country place called The Farm to see live country acts. Another great thing to do is hang out right here at my home which is called the Policy Palace. I just put in a brand-new swimming pool, and we have pool parties, play darts, BBQ, I set up a DJ rig and of course record in my home studio and rehearse our live projects downstairs.

Alrighty. Let’s chat about music and your new release “I’d Wait for You“. Please share all the news and the creative process behind the scenes, especially with Sergi Yaro from Ukraine.

Well, I found Sergi online, he had some a Capella’s available, and I really like this snippet he had for “I’d Wait for You”. I reached out to him and thankfully he got back to me, and we worked out a collaboration. I pretty much built a composition around his lyrics and melody. Yes, he is from Ukraine and I’m also of Ukrainian descent, so it was cool to work together and create this very cool single.

You love to work with artists all over the world. How did this all begin, and do you believe that music really can bring different people together as one?

I started to work with other artists around the world on my first record. Clair Rasa from Australia is on that record. Technology has made it so easy to collaborate with artists around the world and I needed those collaborations to finish tracks. I tend to stay on the music, business, recording and engineering side of things and love to give artists a complete empty canvas to lay on top of the music. I reached out to Airinna Namara who is from Malaysia during the first record. It wasn’t until a year later that she replied and ultimately, she is on 5 tracks on my second record “The Abby Rose”.

Please share 1 funny story from your time in the music industry you can tell us.

Well, it’s funny to look back at it now, but I come from a family of musicians. My grandfather led the band in the army and played 2nd trombone for Frankie Carl, my grandmother was singer. My mother and two uncles were in a touring rock and roll band for 25 years traveling all over the US and Canada and my stepfather was our road manager. When I was a kid, I would tour with them and hang out with the road crew, the stage was my playground. I would set the drums up, clean the piano keys, duct tape the cords, sound check the drums and mic’s, strike and do it all over again the next day. We were starting a three-month Canadian tour all the way up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and after the first show I left all my luggage in the hotel room!

Do you feel like AI will change the music scene for the better or the worse?

I think for both better and worse. I’ve just started to dive into some of the benefits of using AI in the recording process. I’m certainly against using it as what we’ve have recently seen what happened with the Drake/Weekend track. It must take its course and get reeled in as with any new technology that can change the game so much. I’m very familiar with AI and machine learning already as I’m a computer geek and like to test applications and all kinds of software including recording DAW’s. I’m on the beta testing team for Ableton.

Lastly, what does the rest of 2023 look like for you and what should your new and older fans look out for?

I have the single coming out this may as we talked about, but the rest of the year looks to be continuing to work on various projects including remixes and recuts. I recently did a recut of Avicii’s mega hit “Wake Me Up” with an up-and-coming new country artist Carson Hay. The track was originally for one of my SYNC agents out of Los Angeles, CA and it came out so good I decided to release it. I also just finished an extended club mix for a DJ pool platform out of London. You can hear both versions on my official website, I did a recut of “Time” by Morgin Madison (Feat. Linney) that is out on my soundcloud page, I have two more recuts that will be coming soon which include a track by Kryder (Feat. Sarah de Warren) titled “Lights Out” and a track title “Can We Talk About Me” by a Swedish artist name Paula Jiven. Remixes and recuts are cool because sometimes they are for contests, but they also keep your engineering skills tight. Lastly, I will get ready for summertime live shows as a DJ and as the drummer behind Carson Hay and I will continue to write for my third full-length record.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Award-winning Cleveland drummer Policy shows us which way to turn from heartbreak on ‘Lost’ (feat. Airinna Namara)

Taken from the brand new 10-track sophomore album release called ‘The Abby Rose‘, Policy knows that it’s time to push away after feeling let down by a selfish soul who had him taken for a fool on, ‘Lost(feat. Airinna Namara).

Mark Buchwald aka Policy is a Cleveland, USA-based indie-pop artist, award-winning drummer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music producer, composer and sound engineer.

The full-length LP features tracks of pop, alternative, EDM, Hip hop, and electro-pop music with talented collaborators from around the world.” ~ Policy

Returning with another terrific single that has been constructed with his signature gusto and heart, Policy reminds us that sometimes we just need to take the scary plunge and dive away from any poisonous waters.

Lost(feat. Airinna Namara) from Cleveland, USA-based indie-pop artist, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music producer, composer and sound engineer Policy, is an ear-piercing single about that feeling that strikes hard like a thunderbolt when you know that its time to leave. Showing us that love that you gave which you feel was actually wasted, this is an ode to those who had the courage to pack their heart into the warm jacket and leave for friendlier climates. In fact, this is also a message for those who have often thought about this very moment but just haven’t quite managed it yet.

Sung with a fearless attitude and with a sizing ambience to truly be impressive by, this is a track that will leave many wondering what our next move could be.

Listen up to this brand new track on Soundcloud and see more info on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Will Be Here: Cleveland’s Policy and Amy Jo Scott make the most of the hours with ‘Past The Upset’ (Remix)

Taken off the full length sophomore album ‘The Abby Rose‘ which is due for release in 2022, Policy and Amy Jo Scott help us to understand that there will be changes so we need to quickly set ourselves fully free on the piano-filled new single that is named ‘Past The Upset’ (Remix).

Mark Buchwald aka Policy, is an indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, DJ, composer, engineer, and drum doctor, who is based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is joined by the lovely fellow Cleveland native and vocalist Amy Jo Scott, on this inspiring track all about holding on tight to your morals and dreams no matter what.

This is a soothingly melodic track of substance that features calming vocals and a sweetly toned background that helps us to forgive and forget all the worries that have been circulating unhealthily in our hearts. Her vocals are smoothly tipped and sung with such pure intentions, that has you feeling so much more hopeful than before.

Past The Upset’ (Remix) from the Cleveland-based indie-pop artists Policy and Amy Jo Scott, is the story about showing strength when there is so much confusion around in the world. Things can seem hard-to-face, but as long as you have people there to help you through it all, you can survive any devastating flood that comes your way. After all, we are soldiers that can get past anything we set our minds to conquer courageously.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen