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PleasePrettyLea is at her brilliant best on the chain-filled ‘Burden’

After stunning us with her sensational single ‘Birthday Cardand the more recent dark theatre ballad ‘Ohheycide‘, PleasePrettyLea eloquently explains to us the pain of feeling rather inadequate within a relationship for too long with, ‘Burden‘.

PleasePrettyLea (formally known as KREPZ) is a Dudley, Midlands-based UK indie alternative artist who is best known for her excellent Voldermortis series from 2020 and has continued to astound with quality releases since.

I was around 12 when I first started recording in a bootleg studio in Wolverhampton. I was then spotted by now, well known DJ MOKY (White club Dubai) at the age of 13 prior to being spotted again by DJ Apostle.” ~ PleasePrettyLea

Showing us she is the most fascinatingly inventive artist around right now, PleasePrettyLea is quite exceptional with her awe-inspiring visuals, gripping lyrics and impressive vocals, that will have you completely transfixed like you are in the Matrix and automatically listening to her music again and again.

My latest single Burden, which was inspired by a new friendship that offered safety and stability.” ~ PleasePrettyLea

Burden‘ from Dudley, Midlands-based UK indie alternative artist PleasePrettyLea is a dazzling experience that shall shock your system like you have just been struck by lightning. Her vocal excellence is supremely inspiring, and she shows us why this is an ever-evolving creative project that is always exploring previously unfathomable boundaries.

Feeling like you shouldn’t be with someone always weighs heavy on the heart, especially if the love was once strong.

See this deep music video on YouTube and see more on her always dynamic IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

PleasePrettyLea has released her dark theatre-pop ballad, ‘Ohheycide’

The darkly delectable princess of ethereal RnB pop PleasePrettyLea has returned with her latest single, ‘Ohheycide’; she’s lost none the arcane air that left us hooked on her preceding singles.

This time, she was daring enough to explore the complexities of suicidal ideation in her deeply conceptual music video. Starting with the lyrics ‘I wish you’d save me but you’re the one that breaks me’ captures the desperation that surfaces when someone tears you apart while you’re internally screaming for them to fix you. As the single moves through its stormy and shadowed progressions, there’s a visceral upsurge of the adrenaline that kicks in when rage starts to join apathy and debasing self-scrutiny.

Ohheycide is a stunning avant-garde vignette of the avenues our minds can take us down as we spiral down a depressive hole. It is the antithesis to plastic pop that always feels the need to follow a redemption story. Ohheycide compassionately tells you that on some days there’s scarcely anything but darkness, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a tomorrow.

The official music video is due for release on July 14th. You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

PleasePrettyLea wants to take us and shake us up with ‘You’re Home Finally’

Opening with some very voodoo-y, lynch-type imagery, the superb video for PleasePrettyLea’s new single ‘You’re Home Finally’ firmly sets the scene for our heroine’s witchy, lustful intent. Flipping easily between disdain and flirtation, PleasePrettyLea works her magic to seduce her ex-lover back to the warmth of her bed – soft piano chords and a deliciously tempting smoky, sultry cajun voodoo-blues n’ jazz-inspired vocal draws us in as much as her tantalizing dance-moves and wicked, bewitching lyrics. There’s no doubt about her intent here, the NSFW lyrics setting out very clearly what PleasePrettyLea would like to do to us, over a backing of deliberately discomforting, disquieting bass, drums, and piano. It’s dirty, it’s sexy, it’s entrancing, and it’s very, very, good.

Check out the video for ‘You’re Home Finally’ on YouTube; follow PleasePrettyLea on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


The secret plans of Voldermortis part 2: PleasePrettyLea takes revenge for being scorned on ‘Birthday Card’

After the fascinating dark-pop marvel of Yack from 2020, PleasePrettyLea returns to our lives to bring us a 2nd tale in her 3-part series on Voldermortis called ‘Birthday Card‘.

PleasePrettyLea is a spellbinding indie artist from Dudley in the West Midlands (UK), who sings with a mysteriously alluring style that makes your heart beat a bit faster than usual. She has different characters locked away for now and unleashes them when she feels the need.

This is a truly unique creative who doesn’t fit into any neatly-tied box at all. She is the one wrapping others into the box, if they have the unwise audacity to mess her around that is.

Her vocals grip you and make your whole body shiver as it feels like she is singing right at you. With an enthralling energy that has you frozen in time, the story of being played has you listening so closely. She is now watching her former lover who has decided that he no longer wants to be with her. Big mistake. She bought him a card for his Birthday but threw it away as she grew sick of his games and a new woman decided to rise up to haunt him into place.

Her vivid storytelling is absolutely incredible and you can only admire her honest style that is fused together perfectly by the spooky beat- that has you nervously looking around your room at times.

Birthday Card‘ from Midlands, UK-based dark-pop singer-songwriter PleasePrettyLea is one of the most bewitching tracks you will ever hear. She is completely original and her trance-like appeal has you wrapped in a state of seduction from head to toe and you can’t move, due to her magnetic energy force field. This is sensationally creative music that stimulates your soul and scares you a bit too.

This is a vital lesson to all men out there to never (ever) make a woman your plan b. Bring on Voldermortis part 3.

Stream this exhilarating heart clench of a track on Spotify and see more of her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pleaseprettylea – Yack!: Conceptually Avant-Garde Dark Pop


West Midlands, UK artist Pleaseprettylea is due to hit the airwaves with her artfully enticing Dark Pop single “Yack!” on November 25th. With elements of Hip Hop within the darkly hypnotic production, the single transcends genre as it unravels as a powerfully conceptual single which deals with the concept of sickness in relation to vulnerability, trauma and vices.

Pleaseprettylea is never afraid to tackle taboo or difficult concepts in her tracks, Yack! is definitely no exception. It unravels as a theatrical breath of fresh air in a time when baseless information around mental health and self-care seems to be found in every corner of the internet. But with Pleaseprettylea’s Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in counselling, you can fall into the soundscape and find trust in the artist’s wisdom and alluring sound which shares the same immense level of expression as artists such as Bjork, PJ Harvey, Amanda Palmer and Kate Bush.

Yack! is due for release from November 25th, pre-save the track on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast