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Planet 3000

Raise the Vibrations with Wavier

After numerous releases in 2022, including “Mega Drive IV,” “Wave Length,” and “Columbine,” Wavier is out with a new EP titled “Planet 3000,” an ambitious six track hip-hop romp through sci-fi themes and expert audio production. While there is certainly more than just one gem on this playlist, the song I most want to talk about is track three; “Frequency.”

Right from the get-go, I’m loving the sound of the 808 bass giving a foundation to the mysterious and almost video-game like synth loop – background vocals intricately woven into the fibers of the track are great ear-candy. The vocals, while catchy, do suffer from the modern plight of auto-tune overuse. This isn’t to say that It’s too much of a detraction, Wavier clearly has the chops in rhythm and inflection to give a captivating performance. It’s just that while I’ve said it before, it may be that my ears are old when it comes to the new standardization of vocal FX.

A quick jaunt over to Wavier’s Facebook page reveals a cache of video-links, merchandise, and announcements from the artist. It’s a great repository for getting to know all about the man behind this great music. Additionally, you can find a link to (his label) which features like-minded artists, just in case you haven’t drank your fill.