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USA’s ‘PKY’ hits all the right notes with romantic R&B love song ‘’Dreamin’’

American R&B singer, the seriously stylish PKY, is back with a romantic single that is sure to get slow dances all over the world. It’s a song for the lovers and he pulls out all the stops with this one.

A relatively new artist, ‘Dreamin’ is his first music video and you can see that he has been building up for a few years with this release. A brave step for any creative, PKY, is definitely on the right track with this formula of R&B slow jams. 

Shot by the fantastic Gabe Rosenfeld, ‘PKY’ is dealing with lost love on this song, a vibe many of us have experienced. Falling head over heels with the wrong person, no matter how much we are in love, is a tough feeling but with more songs like this, ‘PKY’ shouldn’t be dreaming for too much longer.

In a genre that is often cluttered with substandard music, ‘Dreamin’ is a good effort and a way into the big time for this clearly ambitious singer. I hope to see him feature on a few other tracks to really get that buzz that is needed. Look out for more new music from this up and coming artist from the USA and hopefully he is able to get some worthwhile live shows booked with big name R&B artists.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen