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Benzluene reached the top of the trap-metal game with ‘Away’

Benzluene’s latest single ‘Away‘ is an intoxicating synthesis of emo, trap, industrial metal and post-grunge which allows agony to oscillate through the rhythmically seductive atmosphere that descends to the same murky depths as Deftones while bringing in the future of trap metal.

The production, a collaborative effort by flower and @fluffysome, is a masterclass in genre-fluid experimentation; dark, intrepid, visceral, and cutting – ‘Away’ is an auditory exploration of emotional extremes. The sludgy hooks and the constant shifts in vocal style and tone amplify the impact of the lyrics, making each word hit with the force of a bruise.

Benzluene’s vox cruise between softly relayed harmonies and visceral screams, dampened by layers of effects, maintaining a euphonic quality even at their most strident, ensuring the intensity is always delivered in swathes of catharsis.

Even the most eloquent people struggle to relay the pain of a disintegrating relationship, but through the sonic visualisations, that almost primal pain becomes universally understood. ‘Away’ stands as an allegory of agony, expressed through a piercingly unique sonic signature, which cuts to the core of the emotion.

If you cut Away open, you would reveal the anatomy of an alt-rock earworm. It’s a Tour De Force that will resonate with fans of trap metal and beyond.

Stream Away on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast