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Maybe She Is Right: Jess Abran feels wrapped in her fingers on Molly (feat. Stephen Voyce)

Reminding us of her attractive release from 2017, Jess Abran sends us shivers from another world to treasure forever via the stunning experience that is Molly (feat. Stephen Voyce).

Jess Abran is a much-loved Montreal, Canada-based pirate, multi-skilled alternative musician and entertainment host who is always improving her skillset through her self-motived mentality.

Taken from First Born Last, we find one of the most romantic songs in recent memory thanks to Jess Abran and Stephen Voyce. This is a rather superbly lit song which has candles written all over it from all corners, whilst our souls glow with hope.

Molly (feat. Stephen Voyce) from Montreal, Canada-based creative Jess Abran is a simmering gem of an experience which will make many faces blush with imagination. Gliding so wonderfully and taking us for a swim into the romantic waters of love, this is a rather stimulating soundtrack to surely heal all sad hearts.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen