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”Baby You’re Mine” by Andy Moontown could be the smoothest track of 2020

Going to places with you have never heard of before must be an incredible and happy feeling. You are cruising with the love of your life during the summer time. The shades are on, hair is flowing in the wind and you both are holding hands. Smiling times with no worries.

Baby You’re Mine” by Dallas native Andy Moontown¬†is something special. The beat is so funky I want to groove so bad and get down on that dance floor. This track is all about being happy and speaking about the things you can’t face to face. You do it through the best medium of all. Music.

I’m blown away with this track and it makes me so happy. I feel like summer is taking so long to arrive and this will have to played by the pool when the right time comes. Produced by PilotKid¬†who has created such a gem stone here that I just want to flip this one again and again. Be happy, forget your worries and turn this up.

Soundcloud is the platform to hear this epic track that defies time.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen