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Pick up the Phone

Ervin Munir left us on the hook with his lo-fi indie folk single, Pick up the Phone

Ervin Munir

Norfolk’s most affable folk raconteur, Ervin Munir, has left us on the hook with his latest lo-fi indie folk pop single, Pick up the Phone, featuring the honeyed vocal lines of Tina Blaber.

With plenty of songwriting and vocal reminiscences to Nicky Wire’s debut solo LP, it is impossible not to be endeared by the quintessentially folky sticky-sweet sentimentality of the release, which amplifies around the fiddle solos and the irresistibly enrapturing melodies that find the perfect places to blossom in the single.

The diehard romanticism of the lyricality, which shows you the beauty of taking a few non-reciprocal arrows and still not faltering on the optimism front, also plays its captivating part in making Pick up the Phone an unforgettably exhilarant release.

Pick up the Phone will officially release on July 14th. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast