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Malcolm Duff & Maristela Da Silva shared a message of hope and connection in ‘People’

The latest folk sonnet, People, from the singer-songwriter duo, Malcolm Duff & Maristela Da Silva, is a sombrely enlightening lesson in universal compassion.

Stepping out into the fray of the world, it is hard to contemplate the lives led by everyone you encounter. But in the intimacy of this timeless piano ballad which finds itself between the repertoires of Cohen, Waits and Nick Cave – on a sentimental day – the beauty in the shared experience of sentience shines through the delicate piano notes that spill arcane resonance beneath Malcolm Duff’s contemplatively honeyed vocal lines, which compel you into mindfulness.

People also resonates as a message of hope, conveyed to everyone who feels alone, regardless of how many people surround them. As The Legendary Pink Dots once said, it’s a loveless world, so what’s the point in looking? The point lies in the soul of this profoundly succinct release.

Stream People, which debuted on March 15, on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast