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Phurah prayz

Phurah prayz is ‘on duty’ with the evocative originality in his seminal single

Evocative originality is far from in short supply in the latest EP from the London-based alt-hip-hop artist and producer, Phurah prayz. The 6-track release, we are connected, is a riot of authentic innovation; take the standout single, on duty, as the ultimate testament to that fact.

After indie ukulele and guitar strings set the melodic pace in the mid-tempo vibe-out track, Phurah prayz delivers his charged-with-compassion vocal lines which you will effortlessly level with. While the wordsmith delivers his gospel & RnB infused rap bars which will drench you in worldly-wise introspection, the warm and bright beats, which come with a touch of afro flavour, will show you the meaning of catharsis.

Stream on duty on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast