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As Fast As You Can: BeOmega are quite superb on the groovy modern classic ‘Return of The Birdman’

Kalki - Return of The Birdman by BeOmega

Taken off their latest eleven-track album named ‘Kalki – Return of The Birdman‘, BeOmega return with probably their best song yet on ‘Return of The Birdman‘.

BeOmega is a UK-based crop-circle-festival-playing three-piece psychedelic rock band who somehow morph the conscious world from their vivid imagination, into an exhilarating rock n roll experience like you have never heard before. They make that earthy sound that is rather rare, and feels like an outer body occurrence.

BeOmega convey a dimension of freedom from this matrix which everybody can tune into if they really want to. We deliver songs of Phreedom, liberation, awakening, reality of birth and death and metaphysical Phun.” – BeOmega

They have a stylish ambiance that has you fully immersed into their lathering style that is such a fantastic listen. The busty riffs are massively exciting and proper enjoyable, with smoothly tipped vocals that feel like sweet honey has been poured all over his voice.

Return of The Birdman‘ from the fascinating three-piece psychedelic rock wizards BeOmega, is a tremendous track you will want to play again and again. They take you into their world and lusciously lift you away from whatever things you are worrying about. A true underrated gem awaits you from a truly progressive band full of life and love.

Stream their new track on Bandcamp and check out the Facebook music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen