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Purple Rose – Photograph: Organically Composed, Melancholically Keyed Piano

Whilst I can’t say I’ve ever held Ed Sheeran’s music in any form of high regard, there is something about Purple Rose’s piano cover of his infamous track Photograph. The compellingly orchestrated cover exuded the passion and connection the singer and pianist had with Sheeran’s track. In fact, if the track caught you in a delicate enough mood, I’m sure it wouldn’t take too long before a tear is drawn to your eye. Purple Rose’s ethereal piano style took a minimalist approach, yet the space around the notes held as much depth as the melancholic keying. Purple Rose’s hushed vocals over the piano are captivatingly quintessential, although at some points where the high notes were being hit, it felt as though the levels of the track were a little skewed, the piano faded away a little too easily rather than carrying the resonance and depth that it could have. That being said, you’d have a hard time finding another artist with Purple Rose’s organically composed style.

You can check out Purple Rose’s piano cover of Photograph on SoundCloud now along with her other new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast