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More Than Once: Fran Lusty found that light which appeared so beautifully on You Play Me Like a Song

With the 3rd single from her reverse piano style to be truly mesmerized by, Fran Lusty worries she has put off her new lover as her brave honesty won’t ever stop no matter what on You Play Me Like a Song.

Fran Lusty is a London, UK-based indie folk singer-songwriter who is fearlessly juggling the demands of a PhD in English Literature and music.

As I was getting into a relationship, and having to face the fears and doubts that come with feeling extreme emotions for another individual. I was worried that they would play me like a song, on repeat, until they were bored of having me around.” ~ Fran Lusty

Delighting mightily, like the great ones do, Fran Lusty is absolutely incredible on You Play Me Like a Song. She is dynamite personified and shows the world her charmingly created vision with expert aplomb for even the fussiest ears.

You Play Me Like a Song from London, UK-based indie folk singer-songwriter Fran Lusty is one of the sweetest singles the world is likely to be blessed by this year. Sung so elegantly by a lovely human who just wants to love and be loved, this is a fine release which will leave many thinking deeper than ever.

When you feel the love with the right human, your heart shall let you know.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen