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Found Dead: PhantomTex drops frosty-to-the-core chilly classic Cold (prod. Evasion2k)

Leading us into the warning and detailing the escape from hell, PhantomTex got a grip on life and asks for the world to join him on this hardcore journey through the corpses on Cold (prod. Evasion2k).

PhantomTex is a 25-year-old German indie underground rapper who thunders in with a sterling blend of intense music which will alert many to a better sound.

Tremendously assertive and propelling an ominous song into our brittle bones, PhantomTex slices through a massive single into our awaiting veins. This is must-listen stuff from a flourishing soul who does things his own way and shall remain away from the fake flash which tricks too many.

Cold (prod. Evasion2k) from German indie underground rapper PhantomTex is a heavy experience which might break windows and certainly crack some earlobes. Sizzling in with a bite like a lion and a shiver like a shadow, this is a mind-bending new track to mesmerize millions.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen