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Kelvin Frazier Releases R&B Fueled Track Marked & Scarred

While many alternative rock fans are disappointed at how crowded radio stations have become with indie pop, hip hop and other genres, it’s nice to see that music always finds a way to get through, even in ways you may not expect. Kelvin Frazier, Ph.D. has a knack for production that sits nicely between pop and hip hop, but his song Marked and Scarred has undeniably present influences from alternative rock. It’s not a stretch to picture this artist in a studio listening to the likes of three days grace or finger eleven for inspiration, while using different tools of the trade from standard rock instrumentation. This hybrid style is what makes the song excel.

With effected vocal samples and string instruments layering in call and response verses and powerful choruses, there’s always enough going on in the mix to keep things from being called minimalist, but the beat holds onto the grounding of electronic music in a way that highlights the absence the absence of guitars. If this song were played with a more traditional approach, it wouldn’t be as potently different. Other than the sounds, Frazier manages to pull off a multi-faceted performance that’s intense without being grandiose and dynamic without feeling overdramatic. If you are looking for a gateway from one style to understanding another, this is the artist to help you bridge that gap.

-Paul Weyer