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My Heart: Promising West Michigan singer-songwriter Holly Havens wants that electrifying ‘Love Like This’

Made with award winning music producer Roy Hamilton III, Holly Havens has our ravenous souls reignited like tasting candy for the first time and feeling ready to be connected again like a romantic charger on ‘Love Like This‘.

Holly Havens is a West Michigan-based indie pop, rock and country indie singer-songwriter. She makes a blend of stunning soundscapes-to-truly-treasure that seems to only get better after each release, as her dynamic lyrics captures the mood so beautifully and with that ultimate affection needed in this harsh world.

Her songwriting weaves together catchy refrains and contemplative lyrics backed by memorable melodies.” ~ Holly Havens

Holly’s tremendous vocal ability is there for all to wholeheartedly witness brightly into the awaiting sky – as she puts on a terrific display with a sensual tone that is magnificently translucent – which might cause the hairs on your whole body to awaken quickly.

This is a late-night track to put on loud when you need some inspiration after a saddening heartbreak, to remind yourself that it is actually possible to be with someone incredible again.

Love Like This‘ from the scintillating West Michigan-based indie pop, rock and country solo artist Holly Havens, is a lovely effort that will have you closing those tired eyes to reawaken your inner passion again. That exhilarating romance is out there if you look hard enough, or just let the world take you to that moment you truly treasure.

Fall in love with a singer who is truly incredible on Spotify and see her pet-filled adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen