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Your Words Linger: Hungarian artist Peter Kaszas wonders what they will decide on ‘Yes and No’

As the dark and threatening clouds pass by as he looks for a safe space to hide inside, Peter Kaszas sings with such passion on a new track all about waiting for that all-important decision from that person you love on ‘Yes and No‘.

Peter Kaszas is an award-winning Hungarian drummer and indie-pop singer-songwriter who makes a classy type of music that shows his vast experience and always-evolving skillset.

As he looks profoundly into their blinking eyes and asks that they either keep him in or out – and not in-between – as the throbbing pain of waiting is so hard to tolerate, Peter Kaszas is at his effortless best with a vocally-charged performance that might leave you pondering your own heartbreak when faced with an indecisive human who you care for greatly.

Yes and No‘ from the well-respected Hungary-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and drummer Peter Kaszas, is a loving single that shows us the pain of a man who has experienced so much heartbreak before. He leads us into his eyes so that we can see what he is going through, as you stay up all night with his mind racing rather fast like a Formula 1 car. Sung with such conviction and care, this is a reflective track that you feel is rather timeless.

Hear this emotional single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen