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Falling For You: Peter J. Adamson watches the stars with a sparkle in his eyes on ‘Lady In My Mind’

As he calmly asks her to stay the night so they can listen to each others beating hearts whilst holding hands tightly, Peter J. Adamson is quite flawless on a slow-dance classic new single that will have you smiling cheekily on ‘Lady In My Mind‘.

Peter J. Adamson is a supremely confident and well-dressed RnB/funk/pop singer-songwriter and music producer from the UK. He has that inner swagger that you can’t teach and makes such body-sliding groovy music that everyone can relate to.

This is the romantic story about meeting someone that you feel so happy with — as you have just met but feel like there is an instant connection — which is so rare in this rather strange charger-locked world. You feel the fire burning through your warm vein-awakened body and your excited souls warm up real good. The lighter isn’t needed this time to heat things up, as you both fully get each others vibe.

Featuring top class vocals that are so smoothly shaved and crisply textured like a taste of your favorite beverage after a long day, this is a singer with real lungs on him. The lyrics are simple yet effective, this is a song that you embrace willingly and never feel the urge to skip, even for a second.

Lady In My Mind‘ from the UK-based RnB/funk/pop artist Peter J. Adamson, has your attention locked into their clear chemistry, as the shots flow and the happy hearts thirstily link together so sweetly. Sometimes life can really be so simple, if you go with the flow and let things happen naturally.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen