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Getting ripped apart: Action Doll Joe brings truthful mark to second single ‘Paper Heart’

With a Valentines Day story about trying to help out a good friend, Action Doll Joe sings with striking energy on the catchy new single called ‘Paper Heart‘.

Elijah Barrera aka Action Doll Joe, is a fantastic California-based indie alt-pop/rock artist, who sings about personal experiences that makes you feel self-reflective and thoughtful.

This is the relevant story about trying to get through to a friend that keeps on having their heart broken due to dating the wrong people. Their fragile heart is being smashed to pieces again and again, as you try and get through to them so that they may see the light, before its too late. They keep on going for the wrong person and its starting to become obvious what the issue is.

His sings with passionate energy that is projecting the message of care and love towards his friend, his tone is tremendous and you feel his story closely as his heart is in the right place. The lyrics tell the truth through the lens of perhaps dealing with this issue once before too himself, for it to never happen again.

Paper Heart‘ from the vibrant self-producing DIY Californian singer-songwriter Action Doll Joe, shows the growth of a new artist in his second single, as his boundless enthusiasm simmers over all doubts to lend a helping hand. Whether his advice is consumed wisely, is a question that will have to be answered later down the line however.

In life, you only have a few cracks at falling in love before your heart permanently breaks forever. Having good friends around that look out for your best interests, is a smart way to find love after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen