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Perry Lockwood prescribed comfortingly stoic ear candy in their soul-pop-rock serenade, What If Tomorrow Never Comes

While there are no good answers, what if tomorrow comes? At least the latest soul pop-rock serenade from Perry Lockwood, which titularly ponders the same inquiry into non-being is comfortingly stoic ear candy.

With the same ascending effects utilised in Crazy by Seal and Echoes of Faith No More in their Angel Dust era, noted through the smooth crooned vocal lines and grooves laid down by the guitars and bass, What If Tomorrow Never Comes is instantly accessible. But there was plenty of room for Lockwood to scribe his distinctive sonic signature in this deeply contemplative release, which will leave you grateful for the sentience you are granted today.

The official video for What If Tomorrow Never Comes is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Perry Lockwood drops the love song you need to hear today with ‘All I Need Is You’

Pulling our strings and placing us into a picture that will make the lovers kiss and the singles dream, Perry Lockwood reminds us to keep things simple with a music video that might get your heart beating rather briskly on ‘All I Need Is You‘.

Perry Lockwood is a Lawrence, Kansas-based indie fusion singer-songwriter who meshes in a variety of genres after being inspired by his Elvis-impersonator father.

Opening our eyes to what is actually possible if two hearts may merge as one loyal team through the choppy waters of life, Perry Lockwood¬†might have dropped one of the most romantic visualizers of the year with his latest effort. The vocals on show will have you thinking of the future, as you move closer to that soul who you can’t wait to embrace each time you see them.

All I Need Is You‘ from Lawrence, Kansas-based indie fusion singer-songwriter Perry Lockwood¬†is a country-fueled single that vibrates your romantic intentions with oceans of excellence. This is a sweet story about knowing you can be happy with that special individual, who you just knew would you right for you.

Sung with a genuine love and a true insight into what is needed to be truly happy and free, this is a love song that might have your spirit soaring with the birds above.

See this loving music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen