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Permanently High

Rock your way into another dimension with Steve Schuster’s psychonautic passport to the 60s, Sassafras Supersonic

Steve Schuster

Steve Schuster’s single, Sassafras Supersonic, taken from his LP, Permanently High, is a vibrant homage to 60s pop & rock, which rides the surf waves as smoothly as the Beach Boys to create a harmonised to the nines nostalgic nod to the era.

Every 60s psychonaut will find familiar comfort in its release, which also radiates the kaleidoscopic colour and charm of The Beatles. However, Schuster doesn’t merely replicate; he innovates, transcending cross-Atlantic appeal with the zany lyrics which invite listeners on a cosmic trip across constellations and into another dimension.

The sticky-sweet explosion of expression, filtered through infectiously honeyed 60s pop-rock progressions, ensures that there’s charisma in every chord and the soul of the track reverberates viscerally enough that your mind will be open to the idea that if this world is just an illusion, imagination is the only passport needed.

Schuster, an award-winning songwriter with a career spanning several decades, showcased his prowess in blending classic rock influences with contemporary flair in this transfixing temporal gateway. His latest album promises a similar journey of emotional and thematic exploration. Recorded with meticulous dedication and the multifaceted talents of producer Mike Pascarella, it’s set to resonate with fans old and new.

Stream the Permanently High LP via Steve Schuster’s official website from May 1st.

Review by Amelia Vandergast