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Left Me: Nico Del Greco urges all of us to use the previous pain to fly free on Watch Me Cry

Feeling cold and lonely from being left in the darkness by a past lover, Nico Del Greco shows us how to turn something sad into a beautiful moment to feel alive again on Watch Me Cry.

Nico Del Greco is a London, UK-based Italian composer, and music producer who blends in tasty treats filled to the brim with indie pop/electronic and classical music.

The most important message I wanted to share in this song is summarised by the lyrics “use my blood to water me, pick these flowers from my skin”. In other words – take your pain and use it to feed your soul, turn it into something beautiful and let everyone see it.” ~ Nico Del Greco

Captivating all ears with a rather delightfully produced track of mighty proportions, Nico Del Greco displays seriously excellent skills on this honest gem.

Watch Me Cry from London, UK-based Italian multi-talented composer Nico Del Greco is a simply superb anthem for anyone who feels rather hurt from the surreal feeling of a broken heart. Sung with a flourishing passion and never letting go, this is a rejuvenating moment for us all to heal inside no matter the weather.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ice On My Broken Heart: London-based Nico Del Greco drops fresh first release I’m Not Falling

Hearing the scream of the beast as he refuses to fall over again, Nico Del Greco is ready for the next step to ensure that those fears are extinguished and those hopes never fail on I’m Not Falling.

Nico Del Greco is a 23-year-old Italian-born London-based indie pop artist who is on his way to becoming a professional performer at City University.

It’s a song of empowerment, a request to you all to understand the beauty of kindness. As I wrote in the song “what if tomorrow we try to remember what love really means?” ~ fascinating thoughts from Nico Del Greco 

Finding that love and staying strong despite all the hurdles strewn in the way, Nico Del Greco isn’t afraid to stand by the fire and shows incredible bravery to save us all from ourselves.

I’m Not Falling from Italian-born London-based indie pop artist Nico Del Greco is a no-more-begging anthem for all those who needed to hear this message right now. Soaring higher to victory, whilst also showing us the actual battle within, this takes us everywhere into our souls.

Never giving us despite the occasional shakes is the conquest we all need to seek.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen