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Finding that perfect love: ‘Accent’ from R&B musician Whysohated is the story of knowing who you want to be with

The sound of the mellow acoustic guitar that fuses so sweetly with the R&B vocals that stimulates the mind rather effortlessly. He simmers into our lives with a mellow entry that will have you intrigued right away. R&B musician Whysohated takes us on a love journey that has a happy ending on his new song ‘Accent’.

His voice shows the growing passion he has for this special soul that has appeared in his life so suddenly. He is feeling the loyalty and good energy here. She feels like the right kind of person to be with right now, and is trying to hide any emotion, in order to keep in cool and not fall too hard, too fast.
With a sensual flow and the ability to hold his voice just right without getting too much for the ears, this is exactly the type of song to play with that love in your life. The candles are lit, the bubble bath is ready, the drinks are cold and the night is still young.
Finding that person to join your tribe is so important as there are so many fake people around that either what to be with you for your money, who you know or what you look like.

Being with someone that cares about you for you is the most vital thing to do for true and long last happiness. If they like your ‘Accent’, you are halfway there already and Anaheim, California native Whysohated sings us a melody that will be stuck in your head all day and perhaps all night too.

Hear this new track here on his Spotify and follow the music journey on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen