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Life Is What You Make It: San Fernando Valley hard rock band Control Shift turn in quality debut single ‘Welcome’

With their debut album called ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra‘ (through hardships to the stars) on the way in early 2022, Control Shift rev up our soul engines with their first track that brings us a kindly loud ‘Welcome‘.

Control Shift is a high-octane packed hard-rock band from the beautiful San Fernando Valley, California who have a post-grunge and progressive rock style, that heartily swarms the speakers rather eloquently.

Control Shift was founded soon after the pandemic started as this was a period where Ali was intensively creative and wrote a ton of brand new songs. Soon after, he started his search for a vocalist who could express the essence and power of his material, and he connected with MT Letsinger, another experienced performer in the industry with many releases to his name.” ~ Control Shift

With sensational vocals and a hardcore soundscape which easily lifts the volume button by itself and certainly wakes us the pesky neighbors who are in for quite the shock, this is a more-than solid first outing for a band who are clearly on a mission to succeed.

The lift-off here is mightily genuine and with a stunning chorus that gets you in the mood to get things done, this is a new act who are surely going places with this type of output.

Welcome‘ from the San Fernando Valley, California-based indie hard rockers Control Shift, is a powerful track all about embracing that pain and really going for it no matter what. Life is too short to have excuses, so holding hands and pushing through is the only way to truly win.

Made with a rampaging sound that might break your glass windows into shattered smithereens, this is a single to be enthralled by, as they start their music journey to the top. A terrific start indeed, as first impressions really do last.

Hear this new track on their Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen