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Have A Nice Day: Brian Michael Henry wonders what she thinks about each day on ‘Ruth’

Released as the second single off his debut nine-track album, Brian Michael Henry returns with a song all about how he wonders what Ruth Madoff’s life is like now in almost-exile with ‘Ruth‘.

Brian Michael Henry is a dynamic New York City-based, Pennsylvania-born, indie singer-songwriter, actor, and a huge 70’s and early 80’s rock fan. He makes that highly reflective music which opens your eyes, and makes you wonder what is actually possible.

With roots in opera, classic rock, 80’s pop, and New Wave, his debut album, “Remote Work” is a collection of songs inspired by various documentaries he watched during quarantine in the Fall of 2020.” – Brian Michael Henry

He performs with a stylish energy that has you lifted by his music, his descriptive lyrics takes you into the wild story that shocked millions. With a style that is definitely old school, he filters in with a passionate tone that turns your head.

Ruth‘ from the confident New York City-based indie singer-songwriter and Penn State University graduate Brian Michael Henry, is the story about a woman who had so much but then lost it all due to her husbands massive misdeeds and lies. He sings with such a deep tone and a mysteriously wondrous style, that perks your ears up as this is rather unique.

This is the type of song that has your attention and wondering what happens to the rich, when things flame up and burn in front of their eyes.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music channel for further visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen