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So Close To the Ground: Pedro Samp wonders how low she can truly fly on ‘Scarlett’

In a frigidly cold and over-stimulated fast world that can have you confused and frozen like ice in a blink of a curious eye, Pedro Samp longs to be with the one he cares so much for but knows deep down its probably a bad idea on ‘Scarlett‘.

Pedro Samp is a highly unique London, UK-based musician who somehow compresses RnB, pop, bossa nova and EDM all into one delicious music pie for us to nibble on lovingly.

Fascinated with movies, Samp started his career writing movie soundtracks at the age of 19 for the mainstream Cinema before embarking on his solo career.” ~ Pedro Samp

Sung with a film-like edge that has you feeling with certainty that this track definitely belongs in the cinema world, you sense his longing for this special soul but smartly doesn’t want to be with a selfish lover. There is much to bathe into during this fantastically created single, which has you pondering the moment you let them fly away to a place you wish was close your path. Ultimately however, the true love and much-wanted affection wouldn’t have been there anyways – as you count your blessings – and watch up into the sunlit sky to wonder where they are right now.

Currently in a life quest after melodies capable of bringing smiles, pleasure, tears and joy.” ~ Pedro Samp

Scarlett‘ from the multi-genre artist Pedro Samp, is all about caring for and loving someone so much from your past, but feeling like they only truly think about themselves. The world has made them rather cold and you wish you could fly with to save them, but fear that the time has passed and they need to work it out on their own. Sung with a real emotional connection and clear love, this is a peach of single that so many of us will wholeheartedly relate to.

Sometimes they need to fly as low as they can go – and hopefully have someone close to help them up again – when things don’t go according to plan.

Hear this truly terrific musician on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen